Shared Experience: Winding through Mountains


The following is from a follow-up letter that G. sent to Rick following his second session.

“I want to report back on the success of your process and thank you for helping me shed my phobia of mountain roads. As you know, certain roads terrified me to the point of having to stop my car and get out. Other professionals have tried to help with this problem, but the fear remained. In fact, it has gotten worse in recent years…

After our first session, I attempted to go past that point, but I couldn’t do it. The same fear gripped me, which was very discouraging. I thought, once again, cures that worked for other people don’t work for me. Based on your description of the process, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and met with you a second time. After our second session, I waited a couple of days then attempted to drive up that road. This time I drove right past my previous limit point and kept right on going to the top. The gripping fear just wasn’t there. What a relief!

So, in two sessions, you accomplished what I thought was impossible. Again, thank you.” G.

G: I can tell you that this thing has gotten worse… you know. There were things that I could do a long time ago that I can’t do now. My wife and I go over a pass from Chamony, France into Interlocken, Switzerland… I mean that is a text book terror story on that one. We did it in bad weather. I don’t know how we did that.

Rick: So right now, if you get close to a precipice, you get panicky?

G: Certain ones. The scariest ones are roads that are going uphill, on a curve that goes around the bend and I don’t know where it goes.

Rick: I’m telling you that’s the road, and you are looking at the road in which you crashed in this movie that I am looking at in the subconscious. Up the curve… you don’t know where it’s going. It’s even foggy in this particular story that I am looking at.

I have an intuitive ability to read the subconscious. I can read it as if I was listening to you talk. I can see the movie in your mind. When you get certain triggers, anything that approximates the curve you are playing in the subconscious movie the movie and the trauma associated with it gets activated in your mind and you get afraid.

G: Yes, I understand. When it curves to the left I could get triggered..

Rick: That’s what I’m seeing. When it curves to the left, and you can’t see it; there is fog and your cart goes over the edge, and you go over the hill to your death. That’s the story. We’re going to act as if this is a real story. And we are going to clear it out of the mind. I have a technique which I am going to do to free the mind from this story. It is a movie. I have no idea if it is real. It doesn’t matter. Whether it happened or it didn’t happen. At the end of this, it is not going to be in your mind any more.

G: The question I have is, is it typical for something like this to get worse as one gets older?

Rick: My guess is that it is getting worse as you approached the age of when it happened in the story.

Rick: How old are you now?

G: Fifty-three.

Rick: So, I have a signal, a yes/no response. I ask myself a question, and my head goes like this spontaneously for yes, and this spontaneously for no. This is akin to something called psychokeniseology, which I don’t imagine you have seen, but I will demonstrate. Where you can ask any muscle a question, and it will give a strong response for yes and a weak response for no. I believe it is a way of tapping into whole mind or One mind. I believe that every cell is connected to the One, and if we knew how to ask anything a question, and listen to it, we could get an answer from it. Everything is networked together by consciousness. If we know how talk to it, it will tell you whatever you need to know. That is the hypothesis.

G: And that is whatyou do?

Rick: I talk to your subconscious via what I call empathy, which is whenI feel a little of what you are feeling. I feel the terror. My stomach goes like this. My throat shuts down when I feel your panic. I can feel the feeling and I track you based on what feels inside.

G: I get it.

Rick: In addition, I will ask each step of the way, “What am I supposed to do to help your mind release this movie so it can take the movie out of the projector and trash it. We don’t want to the movie. It is over. There is some reason that that happened. The reason I am going to propose is that it was a balancing of cause and effect. Also called karma. There was an action that completed with that action. You have taken away from that cause and effect balance, the wrong learning. The wrong learning is: this type of situation would always lead to death. That is what you have taken away. That is the wrong learning. There is another piece of information that is the reason that that occurred. I’m going to find that information and release you from the story so that you can be present now.

G: By the way, the way I have explained this to people is, “Look. It’s death.” You can play it down, you can talk about things that are difficult, you can talk about things that are uncomfortable… this is beyond that. It is death.

Rick: Absolutely. You have it wired that this image means your death, and as you approach the time of (Rick checks time) 58. At 58 is when this particular event happened in your mind, in this story. So it is getting worse as you get closer to feeling like he felt at 58.

We are going to free up this movie and take it out.

G: When I tell people about my situation, they say, “Can you go over the grade?” I say, “As a matter of fact I can, both ways no problem.” It does not have that fearful image anywhere in it. There is no uphill left, disappearing around the corner. Chaparral, on the other hand, going up that hill, has got it. Big Sir past Rocky Point has got it.

Rick: I’m ready to start if you are.. We are basically off loading a movie. You have a movie, running in your head, and when life approximates your movie, that’s when you get terrified. All we are going to do is find the movie and take it out.

G: It’s almost like pattern recognition. As you start to get close, the anxiety level goes up to red light.

Rick: This is essentially pattern recognition. That is what is causing the terror. You’ve got a model in your mind of the pattern of the death, and whenever it approximates that pattern, that is when you are freak out..

What is your work? What do you do?

G: I sit in an office a lot, and right now I have just invested in a local company and I am helping the owner grow it, and we are real excited about it.

Rick: What kind of company?

G: Vehicle maintenance for fleets of vehicles. I have done other things in the past: real estate, etc.

Rick: If I mention the word, God…

G: You can mention anything.

Rick: You have background in software. I’ll use the software metaphor. There is a difference between RAM and ROM. Read Only Memory, which is set in there by the creator of the situation, and you can’t mess with it. And RAM which you effect and you can change. There is a ROM in you, a read only memory which is your innate Higher Self, the essence of you. I hypnotize to you that that is perfect without any distortions. There is a RAM which you have messed around with, which is the ego mind, which has all of the crap in it. Because you have created the distortions, you can un-create the distortions. What we do is clear away the distortions and the underlying structure will present itself. There are no fears in your underlying structure. We can remove the fear, we will get to what is inherent in your system, which is who you are without fear.

Close your eyes and take a breath. If you don’t mind I’ll start with a little opening prayer,”All healing we do we do in the name of universal love. We give thanks for this opportunity to release the binding influence of the past. We call on God and invite the Presence of all the great masters and healers to facilitate this healing for G..”

Imagine G., that you are standing under a waterfall of light blue light, and let light blue enter your head and let it heal and release and relax. It will bring peace. Let it flow though your neck and throat. Your shoulders, arms, and out your hands. Your chest and heart center. Digestive area. Power center around the navel. Through the sexual area, through the legs and out the feet.

Let that flow. If you will stay with the peacefulness, I will get the information.

(Silence while Rick intuits the information.)

Rick: Here is the story that I am given as I tune in. I use my signal, my yes/no to get the information. The story about the death in the Austrian mountains, with a horse and wagon. You have been told not to go out this night, that it is very treacherous. It is dark. You demand to go for whatever reason, and you hit some fog and you miss the turn. The horse and yourself fall off the cliff to your death. That is the initial story, but there is a previous story that is part of the drama; a previous movie, if you will. In this previous movie… it is also about assertion… I can do this. And the story is you are a guide in the mountains, and someone has said that they really want to get through to some place, and no one will take them because of avalanches, etc. You say, “I will do it. I can do it.” It is about “I” here. You lead them, and they fall and they die. You don’t die. They do. It was your ascertain, “I can do this.” And the karma gets balanced in the assertion of the second movie, “I can do this”, you fall to your death.

The teaching that is playing out in these two movies is about willingness to be instructed, to be guided by intuition, to be guided by God. Whatever word you want to use. It is about receptivity to guidance, as opposed to that macho, “I can do it. I rely on me alone.” That is what they story is about. It is about ascertain vs receptivity.

G: Assertion has not working out very well.

Rick: Right. The ego saying, “I can do it,” Vs allowing God to do it.

G: Instead of letting the situation present itself… the facts of the situation, will make themselves obvious to everybody, except the guy that says, “I can do it.”

Rick: And the reason he wants to do it is because he wants to beat the system. And that is the distortion that will be cleaned out once this story is out of the mind. It will be replaced with receptivity to situation, to knowledge, to input, to creativity, as opposed to an assertion which covers it over.

G: Would this assertive flaw manifest itself in other ways in my life?

Rick: My sense is that it manifested more in your early days than it does now.

G: Quite possibly.

Rick: Can you think of any ways that that aggressiveness, that assertiveness, the ego element showed up in your life?

G: I can’t really put a finger on it. If it did, it would have been early. When I was real young, I was quite shy…

Rick: So your assertiveness was a compensation for the shyness for you?

G: I would say that is a lot more right than wrong. In my late twenties and early thirties, I started to feel more relaxed in certain social situations, even assertive and quite confident, and competent too. There was a note of elation to it simply because it was so different than when I was younger, when I was shy and withdrawn.

Rick: I would say that it doesn’t show up much in your life now, except in this remnant of the story. You pretty much have learned the lesson, now you just have to get this particular conclusion out of your mind. The real conclusion is, I don’t want to do this from my ego. It leads to bad things. I want to draw information from intuition, from God, from the environment. I want to take this and I want to be receptive to what is happening. I don’t want my ego to ride roughshod over it.

I am going to ask you to close eyes. This is where you are free to make up stuff. You are going to… in your mind you are going to make up part of this movie. The first thing I am going to invite you to do is make up what this guy looks like with his horse and wagon in the Austrian mountains. And when you get any sense of what it might look like in your mind just tell me what it looks like. Can you see the road? Can you feel it? Can you sense it?

G: I see the wagon and horse, but not the road. I see a wagon that has wooden wheels on it, and wooden spokes… a load carrier. The size of the wagon, slightly V-shaped, as if you were going to fill it with gravel. The seat is just a plain seat on the front or the back. I don’t have a sense of it.

I see a single horse. The angel of view of the person is over the right shoulder, so there is no face or anything. Maybe I see a hat. Typical Swiss type of hat, almost like a Peter Pan hat. I see knee socks, leiterhosen.

Rick: Keep following him now. What does he feel about pushing on?

G: I get that… it seems contrary. It seems like a calm scene. The road however does seem steep. I would be hard to take a one horse, heavy wagon up a steep road.

Rick: Keep going.

G: I come to the left-hand turn situation, and looks to be that the road is out.

Rick: Yes.

G: There are some loose rocks on the left and absolutely the road is gone. And going around that is really simply going into space.

Rick: Yes. He doesn’t turn back through does he?

G: No. He just goes right over it. Essentially being surprised, for by the time full awareness of the situation is upon him it is too late. Or let me say this, the horse and the two front wheels of the wagon are over, and the only thing left is for him to follow.

Rick: Just be with that.

G: It now seems like it is nighttime. It didn’t before. The other side, where the road was out is not real visible. It’s dark over there. It fell away down and slightly off to the right because that is the way the mountain slopes. I mean, it was a gentle … I mean if it wasn’t a sheer thing, there could have been survival.

Rick: Well done.

G: This seems to be the end of the story.

Rick: Now we are going to do something here. We are going to find the previous story. This is the guide through the mountains, the guide who says I can take you there when no one else would.

G: I need to recover from this. What is happening is the last … the two wheel going over, is just simply replaying itself over and over. It is hard for me to mentally get away from that to rewind, or erase it, or move on…

Rick: That is because we have not erased it yet. We have to find out why it happened, and then we are going to go back to that man and actually rewrite the story. It is going to come out differently. By changing the first story we can have permission to change the second.

G: What I am seeing now is a distant scene of snow covered…. Spring time scene. Off to the right . Snow on the top. Green grass and wild flowers. This is a whole separate mountain range off to the right. That’s another story over there. Or that is what it seems like, because I am still standing over here looking off and it is very far away. And so I am not in it yet. I am not over there.

Rick: Go over there now. Leave here, and we will come back in a minute. We’re actually going to save him, but go find the other story.

G: The details are not clear at all, but what it seems to be is the outskirts of a very, very small town. As you leave the town, there is a small footbridge, wooden railings on it. It arches over a creek. It is wide enough for two or three people to walk over, but essentially that is how you get out of town towards these hills. And, for some reason, I am in amongst a group, not a very big group. And I am going over that thing. No one else is.

Rick: That’s what I mean by assertion. “I’m going to do that. Fuck everybody else. I can do that!”

G: Again, like the wagon, there is not a really fist-pounding determination. It is just a calm, “I’m going. You people can stay. I understand that.” I’m not beating my chest. I am just calmly walking over this thing.

At first, I was alone. Now, it seems that people that are going with me were on the other side, and I went over and picked them up, as if they were waiting for me and weren’t aware of the argument that was going on. So, in other words they were unaware of the potential danger. They weren’t privy to the controversy. So, I go over there and they are smiling, and they are ready to go, and I’m courteous but not smiling.

Rick: And do you tell them about the danger?

G: No.

Rick: That is where the karma gets created.

G: I just move ahead in a polite, business like manner, like “Let’s go.” The scenery ahead is not very clear. I’m essentially looking down at my feet, almost like someone who looking to make sure that they don’t step on a snake or something. Making sure that the footing is secure. So I’m going up a gravel path… For some reason, it is like there is something on both sides, like hills on both sides. I am not going up on a precipice, but I am going up a canyon or up a draw. Everything on either side is going up from where we are. It is dark in there, or it is getting dark. I am not sure.

If I turn my head this way or this way, it is lighter as it comes out on both sides, but as it comes around on each side and starts moving around in front, it is dark. I can’t see the pathway. But now it seems to me to be getting narrower and just essentially kind of going up gradually and more into that dark. Essentially … the details aren’t coming, except that the danger seems to be. But it is so damn dark, but the pathway is not viable anymore.

Rick: You can skip ahead in the movie to what happened.

G: It is not happening for me. Oh, ….

Rick: You don’t want to look at it, but it is right there.

G: What happened was….

Rick: You’ve got to let the pain come. You’ve got to let this out.

G: I was OK, but they lost their footing behind me.

Rick: Yes. Be brave here. This pain has to clear out for the fear to go.

G: I turned around and just… surprise. They are all gone. I was OK.

Rick: How do you feel?

G: Just sad and terrible that they are all dead.

Rick: Go for the feeling. Go for the feeling. Don’t avoid the feeling. Don’t avoid the tears. You are going to have to feel it. You go it. Right there. That is the crux of your fear. You have to feel it. Stay with the feeling.

G: I feel all kinds of things. Guilty. A pompous ass.

Rick: Keep going.

G: I’m sitting there in a heap, on the ground kneeling. Getting down low to the ground, and I just can’t believe the whole thing happened.

Rick: There is a feeling in there that I wish I had died too.

G: Yes. I mean, Ican’t go back.

Rick: “I wish I had died too.” Now that “I wish I had died too” gets played out with the road in Austria. The guilt. The desire to end the guilt by your own death. Got it? OK. A little more of his feelings. Just hang out right there. You don’t have to verbalize it. Just feel it. That’s it. Hang out with the pain. It is almost unbearable, isn’t it… that guilt and shame?

Do you see how clearly this is in you, that I am not adding this to your mind. This pain was in there, it just had to be found. I’m not imposing. Do you get a sense of that?

G: I get the sense that all of the images and everything are mine.

Rick: These are your movies and this one has so much pain and you have not been willing to look at it. Now you’ve looked at it, and you have felt the pain, you can clear it out. And we are going to do that now.

You don’t act like that man any more, do you?

G: No.

Rick: You’ve learned your lesson, that these two lives were meant to teach you. Go back now to the man in the wagon who is carrying his guilt and shame from this lifetime and say to him, “I understand the guilt and shame that you are subconsciously carrying. I understand that the guilt and shame that your subconsciously carrying from this movie, and without knowing it, you were driving to your own death to try and pull out and deal with this terrible sense of I should die too. I have done something absolutely terrible.

Now, I offer to you that it is about learning and not about punishing. Evolution and growth is about learning. It is not about punishing. Stop the movie for a moment and lift him… his light body… out of his physical body so he stands above himself and can see both bodies. Do you have the image that I am presenting?

Tell him very clearly that these two life experiences have taught him that he doesn’t want to be pompous, egoically assertive.” I can do it better”.”I will prove it to you”. He has learned to move beyond that and that these teachings of these two lifetimes have taught him that. Now the people that lost their lives in the first episode, when I asked about this, this was their own karmic learning. They were balancing previous lifetimes by these deaths, just as you were balancing karma in the lifetime with the death on the road with the horse. You were just the instrument of their learning. And the karma is done. The learning is complete. You don’t have to carry those movies around.

G: So I was to them as the horse was to the man.

Rick: That’s it. Just leading the man to his particular karma. But you interpreted it, naturally, as being your blame for being such a pompous ass. That’s your learning in this, but you already learned that. Therefore, the man in the cart is free to stop the movie before he falls over.

G: This movie has already changed.

Rick: So what is this movie like.

G: In this movie when he comes around the bend the road broadens and get real light.

Rick: Exactly.

G: It stills go a little bit. It doesn’t matter. It’s just very broad. There is no darkness. There is no break. It’s just that he keeps calmly plodding along….

Rick: And he makes to where he is going, doesn’t he?

G: Yes.

Rick: There is no death in that movie anymore. The movie is different. It is over. The fear is gone out of both stories. You are free now to remove both movies from the projector. You don’t need the movies. They don’t serve you anymore.

G: The first movie is as if I stand up, turn around, the lights go on, they are just over the edge of the path. They all stand up as if we were in a play, and I say to them, as if I were the director of the play saying, “What did we all learn from this?”

Rick: That’s it. You got it.

G: So that story changed also.

Rick: This is why they call life in third dimensional reality, a dream. If you ever watch Star Trek, it’s a hologram. We play out these dramas for the purpose of awakening from our ego state. You have just awakened from this particular ego state. You’ve learned the lesson, and the movies have changed. There is absolutely no reason for you to carry the fear of that incident, because the incident has changed. The movies shows that you made it when you hit that part of the road.

G: Exactly. The road, contrary to the previous terrifying vision, the road now goes around the corner and gets better, instead of into the unknown, and assuming a high likelihood of it getting worse, and being unable to turn around and go beyond the point of no return….

Rick: Your path has to get better now. Your road has to get wider with this out of your mind. You are freed from that history. Your road will be wide, and your path will be clear. You don’t need to hold that image any more. Let it go. It is no longer useful in any way. It is over.

G: The guide image… We, the group that was on the path, are coming back, approaching the footbridge. To back into town and everyone is on this side of the town is applauding as if they were the audience; knowing the lesson that had to be learned.

Rick: Awesome. I love it. You are free.

G: On the one hand I am thinking that I can just run out and jump in the car and throw myself into one of these circumstances, but still the first time I go to see a situation like that in front of me, I don’t know how I am going to feel about doing it for the first time.

Rick: Do it in your mind. Go anywhere in your mind.

G: It is the same image. Instead of in the wagon, it’s paved and I am in a car. And … the interesting thing is, is the precipice on the right… it is present all along… wasn’t the problem. It was the fallen away road that was directly in front of me that was ultimately the killer. So the precipice on the right is nothing more than a precipice on the right. You don’t go over precipices unless you turn the wheel and chose to go over them. Unless it is a freak accident.

Rick: You don’t have that karma that I can see. The crux of it was all of those tears and the guilt. That was the crux of the anxiety.

G: What do you think happens to someone like me where something like this is getting worse, and let’s say, because the situation is approaching the age of the person in the movie… I suppose that there are actual problems. Either that or you just refuse to get in the car.

Rick: You would not have died. You would just have gotten more and more fearful.

G: My life would have been…

Rick: Confined. Out of the guilt of that first movie. Unconscious guilt.

G: Interesting. I’ve always been… early adulthood, early twenties and up till now, especially having a child… I look at stuff; I look at things ahead, and I say, “We’ve got to be careful here. There is a potential scenario that could happen, so I am cautious. My daughter is out doing something like swinging on a rope and in the unlikely event that she would let go of it, she could possibly hit her head on a stone wall over here… I tell her to not swing that way. I mean, I look ahead, and I am cautious and I try to prevent…

Rick: Part of the same two movies.

G: I can see a scenario and these scenarios are good and these are bad.

Rick: It’s like futurizing the past.

G: That makes total sense. A friend of mine and I… He is a scientist. He understands how fluids flow. He and I were standing next to our swimming pool watching our two young daughters, probably age seven and nine jump off the diving board. And he said, “Whenever I look at my daughter jumping up and down in a situation like that, I always imagine all of the physics involved.” He can’t help himself, but he does. He is doing the same thing, thinking of good scenarios and bad scenarios..

Rick: What will happen here is because you were futurizing something that is no longer in your mind, you won’t have an over-abundance of fearful scenarios, you will just have a practical scenario; appropriate parental concern.

G: Instead of an over bearing parental concern. And these are… my concerns are all physical accidents: falling, sharp object, corners. Either me or my wife, others, children at school.

Rick: That goes back to the guilt that you were holding. If you did that to others, the subconscious said, it is going to happen to what I cherish and love too. That was the fear. But it is done. It is just a story, it never happened.

G: It was a play.

Rick: It never happened. Therefore there are no repercussions that have to come to you any more about the play. There it is. I felt the click. That’s the completion. You are different right now than you were before. (PERSONAL OBSERVATION FROM THE TRANSCRIBER:RICK…. I could feel the click as well. Wonderful.)

The energy around you is different. You have of a connection.

G:The real proof of the pudding so to speak, will be when I go through a situation like that.

Rick: Here are two possible scenarios, and I don’t know what is going to happen. One is, you are completely done with this, and you will never need another session around it again. I’d say that there is at least a 60 — 40 chance that that is what is going to happen; my gut tells me. The other scenario is that you make a turn and it triggers some other life times that are also part of the same fear scenario, and they will have to get cleared out.

G: What is this past life stuff? It is… at the very least… it would seem to me… I have difficulty talking about past lives. Don’t know why, but at the very least it’s an image.

Rick: And you described it in intimate detail. So you had to be reading something out of your consciousness.

G: I have never guided people in the Swiss Alps. I never drove a wagon like that. But… there is no doubt that at the very least, it was an image that had meaning.

Rick: Yes.

G: So, I guess it’s difficult for anyone to claim for certain where that comes from.

Rick: My belief system says that it actually a past life; two past lives that you had. But there is no reason that you have to believe that. It may just have been a scenario that matched certain fears that you had in this lifetime. Then you just applied things that you have seen in movies and books to that scenario and pulled them together, and made that little pie yourself.

G: What about the possibility of an image like that, or a fear, or a feeling being passed from a mother to her kids.

Rick: I think it is hypothetically possible. For me, the best answer is that it was really a past life, but who make sense when you take a look at that much trauma that you held emotionally.

G: … I was there.

Rick: You were there. Where would have all of that trauma and pain come from? Why would you have absorbed that much pain? It was probably a terribly painful moment for you to look at that guilt and shame.

G: And detailed.

Rick: Where else would it have come from? I think the easiest scenario is past life. It fits the hypothesis that all life times are moving towards enlightenment. Awakening. Revealing the essence of who we are without the overlay of the ego. Clearing the ego out. Which is my hypothesis for what life is about.

G: So… So a physical human being is around to carry the non-physical part for awhile.

Rick: I believe that this is just a vehicle, like a car. You are not a man. I’m not a man. She’s not a woman. We are just driving female shaped cars, or male shaped cars. The biological difference they say is about three percent between male and female.

G: So what’s the purpose? The purpose is to experience.

Rick: Experience. Learning. Awakening.

G: So many people don’t do that.

Rick: You have the option of just experience rather than growth. I don’t believe that God said you had to do anything. God says, “You want to go in there and be a millionaire and have that experience? Do it. Do it until you are sick or it. But there will come a time, and I promise you this is true, where having money or having sex or having a job, or having kids will not be enough any more. You will want your connection with God. You will want this more than anything else, and you will be willing to give everything for it; that is part of the evolutionary climb, and when you want this more than anything, then the game really unfolds to awakening.

This was an important moment for you. This was like, actually a key unlocking a part of your own awakening.

G: So… if it turns out that there is still some residual stuff, it would be not related to these two things, because these apparently have been resolved.

Rick: You will never have a problem with these two stories again. You have cleared them from the projector. They are now just a positive feeling.

G: That’s good to know. So now I just… when it is comfortable for me…

Rick: Challenge it.

G: Just go try it on, and I have a road right behind my house. I always felt that Chaparral was the acid test.

Rick: If you can imagine it now, without any fear, I think you will be fine.

G: The funny part it all was… you know this makes sense… I use the word precipice, but it could be… it doesn’t have to be a vertical precipice, but it was steep enough to where that car is not going to stop rolling, you know. Some of them would bother me and some would not. Well, it wasn’t necessarily the precipice that was on the side, it was the startling one; the washed out road; the no-road, stepping into mid air one that was straight ahead. And when you think about it… if something is scary, it is longitudinal along one sides and it’s OK here, but not OK there, the further you get ahead… It seems silly… It indicates that that is not the problem. You are going along next to this thing. Why is it worse here than it is back here? It is because what is really bothering you is what you are going to hit head on, not what’s just happens to be on the side.

I didn’t know that. I thought it was what was on the side. The thing that confused me is what is the difference between this cliff road and that cliff road? When this one bothers me and that one doesn’t? Again like the Grade compared to Chaparral? One is a no brainier and the other one is death, or was.

Rick: It won’t be anymore.

Would you give me permission to use this in a book or something like that?

G: Yes. My name is G. and Rick Moss has my permission to use this anyway he sees fit.

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