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What Are Inner Oracle Cards and How Do They Work?

What Are Inner Oracle Cards?

A free, interactive introduction to Dr. Moss’s intuitive clearings designed to free your mind from the past.

Inner Oracle Cards are like inner oracles that reveal what is blocking your ability to bring your Best Self into the world and fulfill your desires. They are remarkably accurate and precise and can be done in a very short amount of time.

How Do You Use the Cards?

Your card reading first shows you the issue and negative tendency that is limiting your life and growth now. Then, using the Jungian principle of synchronicity, discover the conscious and unconscious affirmations that will free your mind from the limitations of the past.

To do this effectively, it is necessary to use the cards in a quiet, meditative way. This will encourage your inner wisdom to come forth and assist in transformation.

What Makes the Inner Oracle Cards Work?

Inner Oracle Cards stimulate healing and growth by helping us move beyond old perspectives, clear out retained emotions and release limiting beliefs. They reveal synchronicity and help us see new possibilities with clearer vision.

How does this change our lives?

We all experience problems and limitations in our lives. How we choose to deal with these situations determines our effectiveness in overcoming them. One powerful approach is to act as if we have created them. This assumed creatorship supposes that if we (either in a conscious or subconscious way) created a problem, we can uncreate it. Creatorship enhances our ability to create positive change or transformation.

It is obvious to us that we are not always conscious creators for we are faced with many situations which we do not consciously intend. What we can discover is that the subconscious holds negative or limiting beliefs that serve as defective mental software to produce a “printout” or manifestation of these negative unconscious beliefs.

For example, we could subconsciously believe that, “Money is not spiritual,” and not consciously recognize this. If we considered ourselves a spiritually oriented person, we could have a difficult time experiencing abundance. To release this false belief would be an important step in the transformation to prosperity.

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Feedback About Inner Oracle Cards

    • Every time I have every used them, I felt like someone was watching over my shoulder because they were so unbelievably accurate!!! ~Eileen Achey
    • I have found that the Transformation cards hit the mark every time with regard to identifying the most pressing underlying issue of the moment while also being a huge help in facilitating its transformation. Thank you Rick for making them available! ~Brooke Cole
    • Love it! The readings are accurate, interesting and easy to use. Love that you can keep/send readings to email, blog or social networks. ~Elyssa
    • Best app! I am a healer, spiritual teacher. This application is very powerful and on the mark. ~Berry
      Surprisingly insightful! Very smooth interface. ~Purin