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Dr. Moss’s phone sessions, workshops and MP3s employ visualization, guided imagery, other energy work all directed by intuitive guidance. Order online or Call (831) 277-8242 to order by phone.


Dr. Rick Moss has produced a number of guided imagery MP3s that are powerful yet gentle hour-long clearing sessions. Rick has drawn the most common limiting beliefs from 20 years of client sessions. Each MP3 contains about seven limiting beliefs that are to be cleared from the subconscious. The MP3s have been found to be highly effective and can be used while awake or asleep. As one client puts it:

“All of your guided imagery MP3s have brought me greater levels of healing and clarity. With your weight loss MP3s I saw immediate benefits. It has completely transformed my relationship with food.”

Featured Guided Imagery Audio MP3s

Set of 12 Pre-Cognitive Re-Education Series

Includes all 12 MP3s listed below. 

Re-Parenting Ourselves: Healing Mother and Father Issues

Not included in the Set of 12

The Light-Traveler's Notebook

The purpose of the earth experience.  Not included in the Set of 12

Weight Loss from the Inside Out

Not included in the Set of 12


5-Week Healing Intensive

Get the support to make a giant leap in your personal growth in just 5 weeks 5 Private Phone Sessions and a Set of 13 Healing Audio MP3s A $1228 value for just $569

Personalized Spiritual Counseling Phone Sessions

Individual, customized "clearing" with Dr. Rick Moss, available by appointment. Sessions are 45-50 minutes Sliding scale: $125-$225 (you decide what fits your budget) Order below, then call Dr. Moss at (831) 277-8242 to schedule your session.

Spiritual Greeting Cards

Send more than just wishes. Send an opportunity for transformation.