Loving… Really Loving

Really loving occurs when we look beyond the personality and physical attributes of someone and see the unique expression of Divinity that is their Essence. This kind of love is unconditional. It has no beginning, no end. It just is. It is what happens when we function from Essence. All people love this way, this unconditional way, when they love from their Essence, their Inherent Nature.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, was referring to the state of uncondtional love when he said, and perhaps I paraphrase, “There is no such thing as a broken heart. There are only broken demands and broken expectations. Love is like water, it cannot break.”

To move from egoic conditional loving to unconditional love often requires that we free ourselves from the hurt childhood wounds that hold us captive in the subconscious. This will allow us to come into our adult feeling state. And it is from here that we can access unconditional love.
To aid in this, you might wish to work with the love pathways – they’re free – on my site: .

May you be in love, for love is certainly in you.

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