From Heartache to Joy: Global Summit

Join Rick Moss, Ph.D. and 33 thought leaders in the From Heartache to Joy: Global Summit

If you could get the tools that could each create Quantum Changes in your life in:


…would you be interested?

This INCREDIBLE opportunity to transform and change is available now.

  • What if 33 of the World’s TOP experts in Transformation & Healing gathered together to provide you with the BEST of all of their tools and teachings?
  • What if the reason why these experts are so eager to share their Best work with you is because they are aware of why NOW is the best time for you to make these changes due to the MASSIVE Transformational Energy available to each of us in this last quarter of 2012?
  • And what if all of this PRICELESS information is not going to cost you a dime?

Are you ready? Do you feel that this is your time to grab hold of the shifting change and catapult into the next level?

If yes, then consider this as your Personal Invitation to be a part of a transformational online event from October to December 2012!

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  1. I am so looking forward to this interview. Learning from you and sharing your wisdom with my audience will be a huge honor! Healing and Transformation in the presence of Love & Kindness….what else could one ask for? Plus an opportunity to interact Live and obtain Healings with a Master at this craft, is a chance not to be missed. Very excited about the possibilities that we will create with Rick…. Eram Saeed, Host of The Global Tele-Summit From Heartache to Joy

  2. Dr Rick,
    I feel I must thank you for your generous free audio clearings. After hearing you on Eram’s show, I was drawn to find out more about your work. I’ve listened to a few of your audios and “Embracing the Emptiness” has left me with such a sense of peace, ease, and all is wellness that hasn’t been with me for a few weeks now. So thank you Dr Rick for your contribution to my life and the planet.

    Much love,
    Nicki xx

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