Essential Pathways

old stone pathway at point lobos, carmel, CA
Photo taken at Point Lobos, Carmel, CA. Rick Moss

We seem to be making choices all the time. Shall I do this or that? Shall I stay in this relationship or with this job or leave? What will help me grow and what just perpetuates or hides my fears and cautions?

But are we actually using our freewill or are we just making unconscious choices based on our histories? If the choice is reminiscent of fears, challenges and traumas from childhood there is a good chance that without doing inner work and the support of someone who can help us see beyond the adaptations we have made to protect ourselves, that we will be choosing to be guided by our unconscious.

An essential pathway can be said to be a course of action, a new direction, even a decision that leads us in the direction of awakening to the richness of our authentic inner state. It is something that helps us grow. It is an experience that brings us into the clarity of the Present moment.

I love pictures of inviting pathways because they encourage us to move from our static positions and they speak to us of the excitement of moving forward in our lives. I’d like to do a couple of blogs about essential pathways and I would love to see and share your photos. So please send us your favorite photos or pictures you’ve taken. If you do send us a picture this will be your agreement to allow us to, without payment, use and share them. Please make it clear how to spell your name and if you’d like it might be fun to know where the photo was taken. They may even end up on the site with, of course a photo credit for you.

To send us a photo, please email rick@.

May you consciously choose to walk through essential pathways and may your present be filled with Now.

Great Love,
Rick Moss

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