Are you manifesting from your ego or your soul?

Two Types of Manifestation

Are you manifesting from your ego or your soul?

When we engage in manifestation we are making something visible. We can manifest from our ego and we can manifest from our soul. These two sources have can have very different outcomes.

Manifesting From the Ego

What is the Ego anyways?

Let’s start by defining the ego as our self-created identity… who we think we are and how we would like the world to see us.

Everyone has an ego, although as we grow spiritually, the ego’s control of our behavior reduces and the influence of our Spirit or soul increases. The ego is like a mask. It covers our Essence. As Essence grows, the mask becomes more translucent.

Ego And Addition

When the ego wants something, like food, sex, money, status it sets out trying to make it, take it or entice others to give it to us. Because the ego is not who we really are, when it gets something it wants, its fulfillment tends to be short lived. In fact, the ego is constantly trying to fill an inner hole that cannot be filled. And this leaves the ego in some on-going form of addictive behavior.

How Ego Distorts and Represses Our Soul’s Desires

Our soul or Higher Self is who we really are. It is the fountain of Good that is our Eternal Self. It is a manifestation of God. This inner radiant core is always acting to bring about our Good. However, the ego can stand in the way of this manifestation. It can distort it and repress it. And it often does.

Why might the ego do this? Let’s say, that our soul wishes to express love. However, our ego has been hurt by what it believes love is. The ego will then repress these feeling or expressions of love to feel safer.

Let’s say that our soul desires to manifest a job that gives it a greater opportunity to be creative, but our ego is afraid of failing. The ego may well ignore the opportunity.

Practicing Soul Level Manifestation

Here is an exercise that can assist you in reducing the ego’s ability to block your soul’s desire to manifest your Good.

  • First, get quiet.
  • Ask yourself, what does my soul want that isn’t showing up fully in my life?
  • Write down all the fears and concerns that your ego brings to your mind. We can call these “Yeah, buts”. Yeah, but if I get what I think I want all these negative things might happen. Just the act of making these fears conscious can reduce their power.
  • Now, tuning into your deeper wisdom – ask your self, “what is the truth in this situation from the deepest part of me?” You might receive a Truth Statement that sounds like this: “My fears live in a very small part of my past. My Spirit is unbounded, unlimited and eternal. I choose to put more trust in my Spirit. I do this everyday and my fears diminish and my life unfolds with joy, ease and success.”

One final note… to increase the speed of trusting your Self use the clearing guided imagery scripts here on the Essential Pathways site. They are free, as I hope you will be as well.

We are creators,  like our Creator.  Let’s use the greatest source of Good to manifest our greatest Good!

Share Your Thoughts

What does your soul want to manifest? Do you see how sometimes your ego tries to resist, block, or hide from these? Please share your manifestation successes or challenges below and we’ll discuss.

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