Weight Loss from The Inside Out!


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Weight Loss from The Inside Out!

A program of transformation By Rick Moss, Ph.D.

There is an Innate and Divine blueprint for your body. And it is perfect: perfect health, perfect weight, perfect energy. But, as with any blueprint, the blueprint may be perfect but the building may be faulty, outpicturing as bulemia, anorexia, overweight, and other weight loss issues. We can return to our body’s perfect blueprint. We can clear away that which has distorted the perfect Innate design.

To do this requires that we clear out of our conscious and subconscious minds the distortions, misperceptions, and retained emotions of the past. To aid in this goal, this audio program uses visualization, guided imagery, and targeted affirmations to free the mind and liberate the heart. We must release the past in order to find the present. And without the experience of the present, without being able to truly be in the moment, we cannot be Happy. If we are not Happy we will use all sorts of addictions to distract ourselves from our discomfort including the wrong use of food.

The National Institute of Health reports that an extremely high percentage of people who diet to lose weight regain their lost weight and often very quickly. To understand why this happens we must understand that the conscious and subconscious minds often hold opposite desires. But, the conscious mind is a very small part of the human mental equipment: perhaps 10 percent. The subconscious is about 90 percent. The conscious mind may hold the desire to be attractive and healthy. But, the subconscious may believe that to look attractive is to be in competition with those you love and if you win they will stop loving you. The subconscious may believe that to be healthy means that no one will pay attention to you.

In this program we will explore and experience that there is an inner solution to these problems. An inner solution that will give you strength and direction…an inner path to happiness, wellbeing and the body you’ve always wanted.

The following is a list of the most common misperceptions regarding weight gain and retention that I have found in over 15 years of helping people free their minds, hearts and bodies:

1. I can’t stand to feel what I’m about to feel and so I eat to avoid it.
2. The bigger I am the safer I am.
3. Sexual attention to my body by others is threatening or harmful.
4. I can punish God or parents with my excess weight and unhappiness.
5. I can punish myself with my excess weight and unhappiness.
6. You can’t make me. I’ll do whatever I please.
7. If I don’t compete, they won’t hate me.
8. To be healthy means that no one will pay attention to me.

You can free your mind and body from these misperceptions. And when you do you will be inwardly happier, healthier, and you will remember the wholeness and magnificence of who you truly are. For this is the real goal of Weight Loss From The Inside Out.

Note: Not included in the Set of 12.

Thank You for your interest in Reading a Sample from Drops of Wisdom.  The sample currently includes the first chapter and the introductory pages that precede it.

This first Chapter is entitled “Great-Love” and explains Great-Love, and the difference between Great-Love and Egoic-love.

As with the other chapters, it also includes practical insight into how Rick has incorporated these principles in his practice, self-inquiry questions, and a multitude of quotes from the greatest Spiritual Thinkers that help to underscore this Drop of Wisdom.

Weight Loss from The Inside Out!
Weight Loss from The Inside Out!
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