5-Week Healing Intensive

Get the support to make a giant leap in your personal growth in just 5 weeks
5 Private Phone Sessions and a Set of 13 Healing Audio MP3s
A $1255 value for just $567


5-Week Healing Intensive

*** Special offer for new clients only ***
How would it feel to make a giant leap forward in your growth, evolution and well-being?

If you’re feeling trapped in problems that don’t seem to change and a life that feels stuck, then here is an opportunity to meaningfully change your life and live with greater freedom and joy.

By concentrating your healing into a short period of time, you can make remarkable steps forward.

In the 25 years I have done this work, I have noticed that 5 sessions is the ideal number of sessions to clear enough of the limited beliefs and retained emotions to make a profound shift in problems and challenges that you may be facing.

“The most profound healing I have ever had.

The first time I had a session with Rick I asked him to check in and see why I had an issue with breathing. I have been unable to breathe deeply for almost 20 yrs. He said I was carrying my mother’s anxiety. My mother has been gone from this plane for 16 yrs. We did a wonderful clearing and I have been breathing easily and freely since. The most profound healing I have ever had.” ~Marlene V.

What’s Included?

5 Private Phone Sessions

Speak one on one with Dr. Moss in a gentle and remarkably effective counseling process for clearing retained emotions and limiting beliefs while honoring the soul’s perfection.

  • $1,125 value included for just $500

Set of 13 Healing MP3s

The series of guided imagery clearings are like healing meditations. You’ll get the set of 12 + Rick’s single most popular and powerful clearing, Re-Parenting Ourselves: Healing Mother and Father Issues

  • $130 value included for just $67
  • Clear out the most common limited beliefs and misperceptions
  • Free yourself from universal misperceptions and take back your power and freedom.

“Dr. Moss’s sessions are so transformational and so deeply powerful, that I feel like I have my own personal therapist when I listen to his recordings. These are a must for anyone who wants to clear out subconscious negativity in the most spiritually empowering and nurturing way possible.”

~Jean Swann, Host of the Wisdom Show

Meet Dr. Moss

Dr. Moss is the developer of Essential Pathways, a process to find and clear out the limiting beliefs and retained emotions that block access to our Inherent Nature, the Divine core of our Higher Self. He developed this work after teaching meditation for 20 years and realizing that wholeness experience alone does not change subconscious patterns and by itself it is not enough for transformation.

Thousands of people have reported that their lives changed profoundly and quickly after experiencing the work. With this work, you can create the purposeful and passionate life you want by resolving your past issues.


How Do I Schedule My Session Times?

Order below, then call Dr. Moss at (831) 277-8242 to schedule your phone sessions.

Do I Have to Complete Everything Within 5 Weeks?

We recommend doing the first three sessions in three consecutive weeks, and then deciding if you want to space out the final two every two or three weeks. The healing audio mp3s will be used between the sessions, and you can to continue to use them as long as you want.

How Do I Use The Healing Audio MP3s?

Your healing audio MP3s will be emailed to you so you can listen at your computer, on a smartphone or mp3 player.

“It seemed like we did six years of psychotherapy in 15 minutes

This work is quite amazing. It felt like Rick just reached into my mind and lifted out a painful and negative belief that I’ve had since childhood. It seemed like we did six years of psychotherapy in 15 minutes.” ~Dr. Michele Whittington, Senior Minister, Creative Living Fellowship

“Many of the obstacles to my abundance, prosperity and success have seemingly melted away!

Dr. Rick is AMAZING! I was impressed with his intuitiveness and his clearing abilities. After his visit to our church, Unity San Francisco, I used his ONLY EVERYTHING FULFILLS A CHILD OF GOD – CLEARING RESISTANCE TO RECEIVING MP3 three times a week for over a month and my life has expanded in ways that I never thought possible! I am so excited that many of the obstacles to my abundance, prosperity and success have seemingly melted away! Thank you thank you thank you, Rick!” ~David R Couture, Living the Life Abundant

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Thank You for your interest in Reading a Sample from Drops of Wisdom.  The sample currently includes the first chapter and the introductory pages that precede it.

This first Chapter is entitled “Great-Love” and explains Great-Love, and the difference between Great-Love and Egoic-love.

As with the other chapters, it also includes practical insight into how Rick has incorporated these principles in his practice, self-inquiry questions, and a multitude of quotes from the greatest Spiritual Thinkers that help to underscore this Drop of Wisdom.

5-Week Healing Intensive
5-Week Healing Intensive
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