Guided Imagery Scripts: Sexuality

Limiting Belief – I’m afraid to be truly sexual

The intimacy of Oneness is true sexuality and delightful beyond words.

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Limiting Belief – I’m afraid to be truly sexual

Pathway Description:

What the ego holds as sexual is a fantasy, a creation of its own mind. Fantasies can be exciting and enjoyable. However, they can never offer the power and joy of the Real, of Whole-mind. The level of intimacy in Whole-mind is total. To be truly sexual is to be intimate, to be at One. Fearing this intimacy we hold ourselves in egoic sexuality. This Pathway offers an opportunity for intimacy without fear.

Clearing Steps:

  • True sexuality involves Oneness, merging, openness, intimacy; everything that the ego avoids. The ego, being the accumulation of all our fears, limitations, judgments, opinions (in a word, our stuff) is always trying to hide, to convince others and itself of its worth. It tries to overcome its inherent sense of lack and insignificance, but it will never succeed because the ego is all the falsity and lack within us. The Real is not of the ego. The Real is God created and perfect.
  • The ego will never know intimacy because illusions cannot know anything but themselves. The ego is egocentric. It only knows itself and only sees itself projected out onto others. The falsity of us cannot experience the Truth of us. Intimacy is of the Self not of the ego. Therefore, the ego cannot experience true sexuality, which is a Oneness experience.
  • The ego will engage in sex with its own wp-content/themes/essential/images and mind-pictures. This is not to say that such an experience is not pleasurable. This is to say, however, that there is more, much more available.

Let’s go in search of that more.

  • Imagine a sexual partner standing in front of you.
  • Imagine that you could unzip your back and step out of your body as a light-being.
  • Imagine that as a light-being you are standing in a column of pure Love and light. What would it feel like if you were receiving everything you needed from that Love and light?
  • Can you conceive of yourself as this light-being in a state of Love and perfection?
  • As you practice opening to this experience mentally you may find your courage inviting you to experience this with a physical partner as well.
  • Look upon your partner as if he or she stepped out of their bodies and was standing as a light-being behind themselves.
  • Can you find a feeling of Love for that light-being? Notice, if you can, that this Love is not based on appreciation or yearning for their bodies.
  • Imagine that the two light-beings came together into a merged light that increased in the union.
  • Can you feel a joy in this?

Now imagine bringing the bodies into the union as well. Is there any fear? If so let it go out of you. Give it a visual form and see it as it leaves and disappears.

  • Notice that there is no fear of failure or being judged in Whole-minded union