Guided Imagery Scripts: Power

Limiting Belief –
Power hurts and destroys

We are not victims, we are, however,
unconscious creators in the act of awakening.

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Limiting Belief – Power hurts and destroys.

Pathway Description:

Real power is incapable of harm. Real power only Loves, nurtures, creates and corrects. Real power has only one source and that is the Love of that which we could truly call our perfect parent, God. Egoic power appears to harm, but this seeming harm is for the purpose of teaching and can be seen to be not real harm at all.

Clearing Steps:

This clearing is a very simple one. Yet, it is essential and it sets the stage for the exploration of the next Pathway which asks if we are really victims?

  • Imagine a child (inner or outer) or an animal you Love.
  • Find within the feelings of Love the feeling of Love without condition or demand. Find Whole-minded Love.
  • If you are experiencing it then you will feel good in the simple extension of Love and you won’t need anything back from that which you Love. You’ll just care, just Love, just extend.
  • Now, ask yourself while you are feeling this flow of Love, could you harm, hurt or destroy that which you Love? – That which Loves cannot harm. If you couldn’t harm when you Love how could the Creator of Love Love any less than you?
  • This Love is real power. It guards, protects, nurtures, gives, creates and supports all of creation. It doesn’t harm. It doesn’t attack. It doesn’t condemn. It doesn’t judge.
  • That which seemingly harms and destroys is egoic power. But, if the Law of Cause and Effect (karma) is true then for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, for every hurt I extend I am hurt in return. This cause and effect ultimately teaches us not to harm or hurt for it is ourselves that we are ultimately hurting.
  • Thus, egoic power only seems to harm while it is really teaching. Real power, which is Love, is incapable of harming.