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Limiting Belief – I don’t deserve to do what I want or love

Our past has mistakenly led us to believe that we don’t deserve – and yet we do!


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Limiting Belief – I don’t deserve to do

Pathway Description:

The experience of being judged, rejected and not unconditionally loved has fragmented the subconscious into pockets that retain these feelings and experiences. We’ll call these pockets (or bubbles) inner children. They hold the emotional experiences of that childhood moment.

Because the child mind is so ego-centric, it will and must at this stage of development conclude that it was at fault. This pathway leads to an experience of the “to blame / at fault” child as lovable and accepted. Looking with objective eyes, it can be seen that the parents or parent surrogate was incapable of unconditional, non-judgmental loving at that time. The child is lovable and deserves goodness.

Clearing Steps:

I open to release the misperception that I don’t deserve to do what I want or love. It’s time to let this go. It’s time to let the false learning of the past be replaced with the truth of the present. Imagine you’re standing in a vat of murky, dark liquid – symbolic of:

  • shame
  • anger
  • blame
  • self-blame

Pick one or more and imagine that you could push a button or pull a plug and let the dark liquid of that emotion drain out of the vat into the earth to be transmuted to light.

Next, imagine that you are wrapped in a dense fabric of one or more of the above energies. Unwrap this fabric or ask God to do it for you and send it to be transmuted into the light.

  • Imagine yourself as a child between the ages of three and eight.
  • Separate yourself out of this child so you can imagine yourself and the child.
  • Imagine that there is a large bubble of energy around the child. We’ll call this energy an emotional field.
  • Walk to the wall of the bubble, unzip it and step out, zipping the bubble closed behind you. (If this feels too abandoning to you, leave your physical body in there with the child and step out as a light body)
  • Now that you are outside of the energy / emotional bubble of the child, it will be easier to have your inherent, natural, wholeminded thoughts and feelings.
  • Can you find a feeling of caring for that child?
  • Can you allow this feeling to expand to be wholeminded or unconditional love? If this child didn’t do well in school could you still care as much? If it was heavier or thinner, more or less attractive, sick or well, angry or not? If caring remains the same regardless of body, performance or action, then you have connected with wholeminded or unconditional love. This is the energy that does the transformative work.
  • If you can love the child regardless of its performance or body, can you see that if a person could not, he/she was acting from a limited part of themselves? Therefore the problem is with the parent not the child.
  • If you still feel nothing, try imagining yourself further from the child – perhaps on the moon. This added distance can help you to get your awareness out of the inner child pocket.
  • Go to the child and tell him/her that you have come to love and care for him/her.
  • Would the child like to experience a day of being cared for by a loving, caring adult? Would the child like to experience an unconditionally caring/loving hug?
  • Spend an imagined week with the child loving him/her. Then imagine a month has gone by – keep extending the love and care in your mind. Imagine how this would affect the growth and development of the child. Grow the child up in your mind until he/she is an adult.
  • What is this person like?
  • Would this person feel like he/she has the right to do what he/she wants or loves?
  • If yes, then this is an experience of the truth of you without the influence of the past.
  • If no, repeat the process making sure that you get enough separation, in your mind, from the inner child subpersonality to connect to wholeminded caring and love. For this is the energy that truly does the work.