Guided Imagery Scripts: Happiness

Limiting Belief –
Happiness doesn’t last

Happiness springs from God connection.
So, yes, there is a source of eternal happiness.


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Limiting Belief – Power hurts and destroys.

Pathway Description:

There is a difference between happiness and pleasure. Happiness results from the experience of connection to Source or God. Pleasure, on the other hand, is found in the ego world. What is of God has no opposite and no end. Just as Love has no opposite and exists without reference to the past or future, because it is a state of Being. What is of the ego exists in time and therefore fades, just as likes or dislikes change and fade.

Clearing Steps:

Take a moment and examine something that has happened to you, something that you may find difficult to forgive from this perspective:

  • Think of something that gives you pleasure: a food, sex, a new car, new clothes, new house, travel, etc.
  • There will come a point in a pleasure experience where the newness has gone. The excitement has faded and the pleasure level has diminished. You have grown accustomed. This is the way it is in the ego world. This is why the word “new” is so powerful in advertising. Egos get tired of everything and need constant newness for refreshment.
  • Happiness, however, is not an ego-mind experience. It is not the result of something that happens to us. We could say happiness is not “happeningness”.
  • Happiness is the outcome of Whole-minded experience. It comes from a feeling of conscious connection to God.
  • There is no such thing as time in Whole-mind. Every experience is total and timeless. No experience is in relationship to any past or future experience.
  • Try this. Imagine unzipping your back and stepping out from your body as a light-being.
  • Unzip the back of the light-being and step out again as an even more subtle and vibrationally elevated light-being. Do this a number of times until you feel a sense of removal from the physical and a floating, calm, peaceful feeling.
  • Imagine standing or floating enveloped in a light that is perfect Love. Allow yourself to be completely Loved, nourished and supported. Take that Love in and extend it to all of creation. Loving it the way you are being Loved.
  • If this leads you to a Whole-mind experience, you will recognize that you are happy and that nothing could add to your happiness, nor could you, in this moment, imagine this feeling fade, because the future cannot be conceived of. There is just now. Time is of no consequence.
  • Happiness does not change. It cannot be touched by time. Happiness, like Love, is our natural state of Being. When we experience Whole-mind without opposite loss will be impossible.
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