To Return To Starting Point

To Return To Starting Point

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Introduction by Dr. Bill Little, Ph.D.

This is a model to work with; the heaven and earth model. Create a spaciousness and up will rise this depth to fill the spaciousness. Create a sense of not identifying with what you have identified with before and up will rise this freshness to show you who you really are. Remove the old, the useless, the obsolete and in will flow the fresh. This is the ancient model and it’s still true, it’s the way we are built.

Dr. Rick is going to guide us now in doing this process.

Spiritual Integration

Returning To Where We Started.

I was reading this wonderful book called The Enlightened Mind this morning, and a number of years ago unearthed at an ancient library in Egypt were some manuscripts. And one of the manuscripts was called the Gospel of Thomas. It has this quote from Jesus in it, and it is so in line with what we’re talking about that I thought I might share it with you.

The disciples said to him: “Tell us what our end will be”

Jesus said, “If you haven’t found the beginning, why ask about the end? For where the beginning is, the end is also. Blessed are those who stand at the beginning. For they will know the end and not taste of death.”

What is the death is all of this useless emotion that we carry around within us that we think is ourselves and that can “die”, but we cannot.

“And that (emotion) can “die”, but we cannot.”

In this process that we are going to do right now, let’s work on releasing some of this non-self that we have identified as ourselves, that is in the way of the beginning.

So if you will, close your eyes.

  • Imagine that you are standing on the earth in what we are going to call point A. And at point A there is a collection vat in the earth for a particular emotion that you’re carrying. (fear, judgement, anger, shame, littleness, resentment, grievance.) Find that feeling. We may have had it so long that we think that’s just the way we are, as Bill said. But it won’t be true.
  • Now imagine that you can release that feeling as if you were a glass jar and the feeling is a black liquid. What if that feeling could start draining out of you now. You could feel it pull out of you as it went into that collecting vat in the earth. Feel the tug. That emotion is just being released out of you now. It’s not you, you have simply been carrying it around.
  • And maybe it’s 60% gone. Feel it tug and release. Maybe 80% gone, 90 and a hundred.
  • And what if you could start backing away from point A, moving to the light. You back away step by step towards the light, and maybe you are half way there. Test it out in your mind.
    • Think of that feeling as you move to the light and see if it got lighter.
    • See if you identify yourself as that feeling in this moment as much as you did when you started.
  • Keep backing away. Maybe you are about 75% to the light now. Maybe you can start to feel the warmth of the light on your back now. Maybe you are 80% there, 90% to the light. Now the light is streaming through you as if you were that glass jar. And it comes from the back and shines out the front and so you’re so identified with the light that you take one more step and you are in the light.

    “You are in the light”

  • Standing in the light you stand in the beginning and you stand in the end. Ask yourself:

    “Is there a change in how I feel as I stand in the light?”

    And in fact, if you notice a change in how you feel, could you raise your hands? It’s about 50-60%.

    So in just two minutes in this little exercise we have released a whole bunch of the identity we have with the limiting emotion… we’ve backed away, we’ve stepped perhaps into the wholeness of our mind.

    “And if you don’t have a clarity in your experience come to the small group and we’ll help you find a clarity in this experience.”

For the wholeness, the light, the wholeness of your mind contains nothing but who you are in the beginning and the end. Nothing of who you are in the middle. Nothing. That is all self-created delusion. God did not create what you just released, you made it up.

“God did not create what you just released, you made it up.”

You’ve never been lonely, except in the middle.
You have never felt judged, except in the middle.
You have never been hurt, except in the middle.

In the beginning and the end thou art as thou were created; perfect, whole, complete and united. I open now to accept who I am in the beginning and I find that the beginning and the end are all there is.


And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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