Ego Purification

Ego Purification
By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Spiritual Integration

This morning Dr. Rick will be leading us in a clearing process:

In light of the talk on purification and the nature of the season, let’s take a look at purification as it relates to the issue of abundance.


“The key to the issue of abundance is
the experience of giving and receiving”

Let’s do some work in general in the large group and then if you want to continue on a personal basis we’ll continue in the small group.

Clearing Visualization – The Fire Pit

So close your eyes if you will. And take a breath.

  • Imagine if you will that you are standing above this fire pit able to release this dross of the ego, this waste in the heart. To allow it to drain away, to be purified. So look into your heart.
    • Is there fear there? If there is fear there let it drain out, let it feed this fire of purification.
    • Is there judgement in your heart? Let it purify, drain out.
    • Is there a desire to control? Let it drain out.
  • Let all these egoic controlling energies drain out, let the purification of the heart continue to reveal the truth of the heart. Is there anger? Is there hurt? Let it drain out. Let it go, feel it just drain out of you. It is just retained emotion. It’s up to you to release it and set it in motion.
  • Now move away from this fire to the real light. Imagine that you are backing away from the fire, moving towards the light, the light of the wholeness of your mind, the purification of the heart. You are moving toward the light. You can feel a distance now between yourself and what you have released. Keep moving to the light.
  • Now maybe you are half way to the light. Keep going. Maybe you’re three-quarters of the way to the light and you can feel the warmth of the light of wholeness on your back. You’re further away from the purification and closer to the light of wholeness.
  • Maybe you’re 90% to the light now. And this light of wholeness streaming through you draws you into itself.

    “This light of wholeness streaming through you draws you into itself.”

And now you stand in the light of your awakened heart, your awakened mind and you look out upon the world. But instead of seperating yourself from the world what if it all was happening within you? Instead of withdrawing to be safe suppose you found yourself expanded. Everything was happening within you. And everything was embraced in love.

Thus everytime you gave your love to something you’d be giving it to yourself. At this point you would notice the truth that giving and receiving are one and that abundance is your nature. For there is no end to the love that you give and therefore no end to the love you receive.

In this flow of abundant love, abundant compasssion, abundant caring is everyhing given and is everything received effortlessly. The nature of wholeness is to give and to receive as one. Everything God gives God gives to itself.

I open to realize that giving and receiving are one and I experience it within myself now. Having experienced this I enter this season of giving as a season of giving and receiving and nothing is denied and all is given.


And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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