I and the Father Are One

I and the Father Are One

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Dr. Rick now is going to do this process with us.

Spiritual Integration

“I and the Father are One.”

I and the Father are One: But not the ego and the Father are one.

The ego stands for E.G.O.

  • Edging
  • God
  • Out.

The Ego

It is the bundle of illusion.

It is the sheath that seperates us.

It is the husk that Kalil Gilbran wrote of.

Illusion, fear, husk is what the ego is. Our fears are not our divinity. Our judgement is not our divinity. Our lack, our hatred, this is not our divinity.

“Illusion, fear, husk is what the ego is.”

Let’s do this process. And see if we can experience this hypothesis for ourselves.

Guided Imagery & Clearing

Close your eyes. I’d like you to imagine two chairs. In the first chair you will be in your little child part of your mind. In the second chair, you will be in the critical part in your mind, and the third position which stands behind the two chairs you will be in the loving higher self.

Start now if you will by imagining yourself in the first chair – in the inner child chair. And as you sit in that chair you feel the child within you.

  • You feel his or her upsets, grievances, lack, judgements, hurts.
  • Give yourself over to that feeling for a minute. It’s very important that you give yourself over to that, to prove to yourself this hypothesis. Give yourself over to the feeling of that wounded child within you.
  • And now ask yourself: Do I feel connected to God?
  • Is the wounded child and God one?

I think you will find that there is no connection except imaginary.

Now switch chairs. Move over to the chair of the critic of the child.

  • Are you angry about that child?
  • Is that child ruining your life?

You’ve probably empathed and internalized a whole bunch of criticism from parents, teachers, and others that sit with you in this chair.

Feel the burning rage of criticism perhaps & the harshness, and ask yourself, is this part of my mind one with God? Again I think you will find that this part does not know God. It could imagine God, it could make up God, but it doesn’t know God, it’s part of the husk.

Clearing: Truth Application Stage

And now rise and stand behind the two chairs, in your Higher Self, in the light of your true being, and feel the switch, feel the expansion, feel the light. I and the Father are one.

“The Wholeness is Divine

The Expansion Divine

The Peace Divine

The Insight Divine”

The wholeness is divine: The expansion divine, the peace divine, the insight divine.

The wounds of the child are not present here, the judgement of the critic not present here.

We look with the eyes of God, we love with the heart of God for I and the Father are One.

“We look with the eyes of God


We love with the heart of God.”

We ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

Thank you Rick.

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