Calming The Mind’s “I’m in Control”

Calming The Mind
By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Spiritual Integration

I woke up very early this morning, and went out to my office and there at seven o’clock this morning there was this message; and this very strange voice on my machine, this very gruff voice, who told me that he was a criminal defense attorney, calling to say: I need help, which was very interesting to find at seven o’clock in the morning.

  • And what he was to say: was that I can’t turn off my mind, I can’t relax. And, I haven’t meditated, I’ve never talked to a counselor, but a friend of mine said I ought to call you.
  • So I called him back, and early this morning we did this process. which I’m going to invite you to do as well.

And here was a man who had been very successful in developing one or two of his interfaces. His intellect is brilliant, his mind is very sharp, but he hasn’t developed the deeper interface, the deeper interface that goes beyond the ego, to the Self. And therefore he didn’t know how to get out of the interface that he knew so well. So, not knowing what to do ever, I said, OK, tell me what to do.

I was given this process to do with him, which I’m going to invite you to join in with, to experience for yourself how to get beyond the interface of the ego, of the conscious mind. So if you would like to participate, close your eyes.

I’m going to ask you to look within and find this feeling of being in control, the thought, “I’m in control!” which is what the ego would like us to think all the time. I f you want to increase Self decrease ego as Bill said.

“If you want to increase Self, decrease ego.”

So I would like you to imagine that you are standing above a vat in this process that we call the bull’s eye – and you are going to release out of yourself this energy of “I’m in control’.

  • Imagine that you could release this energy as if it were a dark liquid. I’m in control! – this energy now, draining out of your body, through your feet, collecting in the vat beneath you.
    It’s safe to let it go, for there is a control that transcends the ego that is the real power and it’s nature is totally loving. So let it go, let that “I’m in control” drain out now.
  • Now imagine that you could walk away from the vat and on the ground there is painted this black circle, and you could back away from the vat through this black circle, and as you backed away, more of this energy of I’m in control could be drawn out of you and go into the vat.
  • Keep backing up, back through a gray circle now that surrounds the black circle. This gray circle goes from dark gray to medium gray, to light gray. and what if you could step though the lightest gray into the light, into the white. What you might find is a release, a relaxation, a peace.

An expansion where the idea of control perhaps doesn’t even show up, or maybe cannot even be understood, for in the light there is no opposition. There only is no shadow to the dark, no duality, and therefore control is not an issue. And as you stand in the light you may feel a peace that passes understanding. This peace, this light, this being, is the divine interface your true mind, the source of the real thoughts and therefore the source of all power. whatever was left in the vat is not needed.

“So move forward now, and bring the light that thou art with you.”

So Move forward now and bring the light that thou art with you. As you step into the gray circles, see it turn to white, as you step into the black, see it turn to white and as you go to touch the vat, that held the energy of I am in control! imagine that your hand could pass right thought it because it’s just a shadow of control, an illusion; and we know what shadows do the light, they disappear. In the light of my Self, the illussion of egoic control disappears. And all that is remaining is the divine interface of love to love.

And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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