A Spiritual Life

I have spent years doing spiritual practices. And today I am reflecting on the insight that a spiritual life is not based on spiritual practices but, rather, on what I do between spiritual practices.

There is a wonderful little book called “The Practice of The Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence was a 17th century lay Carmelite who became illuminated with God. His simple and innocent practice was to give himself to God completly and to make the love of God the end of all his actions. He asked God’s help in all things and at all times. For him the time of prayer was no different than any other time.

As I sit with the spirit of Brother Lawrence and I give my awareness to God I feel a delight, a sweetness. Why would I not want this Grace at every moment? What can I do to enter into God’s moment rather than have my ego’s way? How can I remain conscious enough to keep choosing my Soul’s delight over the habitual patterns stored in my subconscious?

What do you do? Let’s share ideas. I’ll keep you informed and I’d love to hear of your successes and challenges.

Brother Lawrence concluded that the shortest path to God was a continual exercise of love while doing all things for God. May love guide your path.

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