Clearing With Humor – Spiritual Jokes From Famous Quotes

Spiritual jokes can be found anywhere
Laughter liberates the Spirit. Humor can bring a lesson home in a way that may otherwise be defended. It can help breakup a mental pattern with a flash of insight. The following are some humorous ways to hear the truth. In acceptance of the truth, limiting beliefs can be released and wholeness re-claimed.
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Changing our Patterns of Behavior

Behavior Patterns: Creating lasting change

Behavior Patterns: cross the bridge of creating lasting changeLimitied beliefs result in limitied lives. Free the mind from limitation and embrace your True Self.

To creating lasting changes in behavior patterns, we must first get at the root of the problem and then use ongoing awareness and discernment to continue making healthy choices. The way to get to the root is by clearing our negative self-image and limiting beliefs. Understanding Judgment vs Discernment helps us stay on the right path.

It is essential to release our limiting beliefs. We must clear these thoughts away before we can experience and know our True Identity. However, we must also consciously integrate our healing and transformation into our behavior and become conscious when old patterns start to re-emerge as the result of the triggering of new egoic pockets.

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