Is Your Subconscious Mind Manifesting the Wrong Intentions?

If you are not manifesting what you think you want, it’s time to examine your subconscious intentions. By bringing the unconscious to light, you can learn to intention your Greatness and manifest your dreams.

The power of unconscious intentions

We know that clear intentions are key to manifesting our goals in life.  But are all the layers of of our mind on board with our intentions?

The conscious mind only plays a small part in intention. The subconscious mind is at least a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. Which one do you think is really behind making most of our decisions?

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Unconscious Unworthiness: The Hidden Roots of Feeling Unworthy

Feeling Unworthy?Some of us already know that we hold limiting and negative beliefs about ourselves. These we can heal and change. The real problem is with the unconscious unworthy feelings we accept about ourselves but don’t even know is there.

Feeling unworthy – the roots and repercussions

For example, many children were told that they were a bad boy or girl. If these shaming statements were not offset by demonstrations of parental love, the unconscious will link their perceived badness with their feeling unworthy of love. This could profoundly effect the type of partner one would choose and the likelihood of the success of the relationship.
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