What is Your Ego’s Plan for Your Success?

There are always at least two plans for our success and well being happening simultaneously.

There is our ego’s plan and then there is a Divine plan.

For many of us the ego’s plan is so strong and ingrained that we may not even realize that there is another path and that this path is the genuine and essential pathway to Love, Happiness and true Abundance.

Here are some pointed questions that can help you to explore when you are following the ego’s plan and when you are being guided by God’s plan.


I Choose Love

I choose LoveI choose Love.

In the face of the devastating events in Boston and around the world, it is easy to let our minds go to blame and hate and desire for revenge and, yet, these judgments and emotions will not heal the wounded minds and hearts that act out their pain.

But Love will.

There is no gulf that love cannot bridge, no wound that Love cannot heal.

We have a choice.

I choose Love.

Please share ways in which you found that you could make the choice for Love.

Photo credit: Jude via Flickr


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