Are you manifesting from your ego or your soul?

Two Types of Manifestation

Are you manifesting from your ego or your soul?

When we engage in manifestation we are making something visible. We can manifest from our ego and we can manifest from our soul. These two sources have can have very different outcomes.


An invitation to Love

Dear Friends,
Did you know that three out of every five relationships end in a break up? And the average broken heart recovery period is 3 years and 7 months? Statistics also reveal that in the last two years, 40% of adults are mourning the death of someone they love.The grief felt when a relationship ends can be devastating, leaving many heartbroken singles living in pain and isolation. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Is There a Unique Self?

Its obvious that bodies are unique – from our eyes to our finger prints. Its also obvious that our history’s are unique. No one has had a life exactly like ours. And the same is true for our personalities.

But is there a unique spiritual Self? And if there is, in what way is this important for us to know?


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