Why Do We Resist Love?

Why Do We Resist Love?

Why Do We Resist Love?

Why are we resistant to indrawing the divine through our lives? We are, most of us, resistant. Why are we resistant? It’s a very interesting topic. It’s what we’re going to use our group meeting for after; to take look at what are those deep resistances and how can they be released.

Right now let us transcend and go beyond our resistance as a group and individuals to experience this field, this source, this earth of our sustenance and draw it into the present, into our minds.

So close your eyes if you will, and take a deep breath.

Let’s use a metaphor. Let’s say that we could unzip our backs, unzip our personalities, and step out as a being of light: more impersonal, more transcendent. And however you conceive of this abundant Light source – whether it is a source of love, whether it is God, whether it’s impersonal, whether it’s personal, however you conceive of it…


“This source welcomes you in.”


I’d like you to imagine that as you unzip your back and you move to this source that this source welcomes you in, (like God) like the Father welcoming the prodigals return. “Welcome back, everything that I have is thine.”

Immerse yourself in that consciousness that says “everything that I have is yours.”

“Everything I have is yours.”

  • that could never harm you,
  • that only loves you,
  • that wishes only good for you.

That is giving you everything in this moment that you are willing to receive. And to whatever extent you can say yes to that.

The master says “If you can truly say “yes” and “thank-you” you can be enlightened.

“If you can truly say “yes” and “thank-you” you can be enlightened.”

Find your “yes” and “thank you” and receive that now. Receive the goodness that is your inheritance, that is your birthright.

The prodigal has returned and found that all goodness awaits him.

  • Return now to the individual expression – to your body, bringing that love, that inheritance with you.
  • And as you return, realize that every part of your body can be healed by that connection.
  • Every wound of your emotions can be released by that connection.
  • Every lack in your life eliminated by that connection.

Returning home, bringing the gifts we individuated through our bodies into time & space.

And for this we truly say thank you. And so it is.


And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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