Healing and Pest Control

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Healing and Pest Control
By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D. Preamble by Dr. Bill Little, Ph.D.

Spiritual Integration

Audio Introduction By Dr. Bill. You’re shining this light down the darkness of their belief nature and it starts scurrying around. And when it scurries around you can see it, you know. It’ll wiggle! And that’s where the practitioners really get very specific. You hear Dr. Rick doing this every Sunday. Or if you’ve been in our groups you know what he does. He’s like a surgeon – he gets in there and he grabs this little rodent and he pulls it out. Yes, he sees it wiggling, right?

And he sees it: “Oh, but I’ll be alone forever. I’ll never be loved again!”

You know, this sadness and fear and all this. He sees this one, right, he grabs it and pulls it out and he brings the truth to it and he changes the rodent into God. Really. He changes that belief nature into divinity. He says:

Divinity cannot be alone. Divinity is love itself, that love cannot leave. And the appearances of people coming and going do not affect divinity. You are the divine essence now, you are pure love.”

You know, he brings the truth specifically to that rodent, right? See, this is how it works. You shine the light down the well, scurrying goes on – ah, there it is – you get it, you get the specific thing that needs to be dealt with, hugh? That’s how healing works. And as the person’s belief nature is changed, their emotional nature swings over and as the emotional nature the emotional body doesn’t take long, it’s a fast body, it moves. It’s e-motion, right? Move. So the energy of the emotions changes quickly. And then slowly but surely the physical body changes also, as it has to, it lives in the environment of the emotions, it has no choice. It has to heal. On the audio there is now a discussion by Dr. Bill: Dr. Rick now is going to guide us in the application of this process, he calls it “clearing”: Dr. Rick Moss begins:

“I think I’ll change my business card to Healing and Pest Control!”

I had a client who really was a perfect description of what Bill has been saying (about retained emotions and health problems).
  • This was a woman who for five or six years had this redness condition in her face and had tried all the drugs that you could think of and nothing worked.
  • And we did a session and what we found was there was so much shame in the emotional body that it out pictured as redness in the physical body.
  • And when we did that clearing she woke up the next morning and it was 100% gone. It had been there for six years.
  • And the way it works is that it was gone for probably about two weeks until the next batch of that fear came up, and that fear combined with that shame, when it was released again the symptom completely went away.
The emotional body does hold these distortions and they (these retained emotions) get expressed; it’s the retention of these emotions and beliefs that are the problems. And what we did is what I’m going to ask if you would like to experience as well, we’re going to start with the retained emotion and we are going to end up in the bliss. So I’m going to ask you if you will to close your eyes, take a breath, and find within yourself retained limited emotion: fear, shame, grief, hurt, judgment, sadness, pain. You will find something. Be present with it. Don’t run away from it. Give it permission to be there. You are so much bigger than it. It will not dominate you, within minutes it will be gone if you’ll be present with it. Already it is diminishing; I can feel it in the room. Now let’s give it a visualization if you will. Let it drain out of you into the earth. Let it go. Feel it move out through your feet into the earth where the earth receives it and transmutes it. Feel it go out, draining out of you, a particular emotion draining out of you because it doesn’t belong in you. God did not put it there. You retained it so you can release it. Now that’s it, that’s it, and more, and more. Now use this imagery if you will.
  • Back away from that spot towards the light. That’s it, that’s it.
  • As you start to get more and more to the light, there is going to be an excitement. I can feel it.
  • Now maybe you are half way to the light. Now you start to feel it on your back. And you are three-quarters of the way and it is shining through you and you can feel it move through your body, move through your heart and it’s blissful, it is delightful, it’s freeing. It’s everything you are.
  • You are so close to the light now you can’t differentiate yourself from it. And you just merge into it, into the universal consciousness that is singularly you. You are not lost there, you are found.
  • And as you step into the light the mind ceases its dualistic function. The mind forgets about sadness and shame, fear, death and loss. It can’t do that in the light. So you stand in the light and where you started is gone and who you are is revealed.

“And now the truth is here.”

This is who you are eternally. You will never lose this, you cannot touch this. You do not affect it; it has nothing to do with your power to change. It is you as God creates you, and it is you eternally. You have walled yourself off from this in beliefs, and emotions of your own creation that had nothing to do with reality; release them, let them go. Let the judgment and the shame and the hurt go. It was a mistake to believe that. And now the truth is here. The truth of who you are eternally. You cannot be aught but this. I remember who I am, and the limitations are gone and the hurt is dissolved and the Self is remembered. And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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