Embracing the Void

Embracing the Void

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

“Something mysteriously formed

Born before heaven and earth

In the silence and the void.”

The experience of the void requires a surrendering:

  • A surrendering of personal agenda,
  • A surrendering of personal agenda.

Because the egoic agenda and the seeming knowing stand in the way of experiencing what is being called the void.

There is a quote from Lao Tzu

He says that to gain knowledge requires daily accumulation. To gain wisdom, however, requires daily diminishment.

“Learning consists in daily accumulating.

The practice of Tao (or wisdom) consists in daily diminishing.” – Lao Tzu # 48.”

It is the giving up of seeming knowing; it is the giving up of personal agenda that allows us to enter something which we’re calling the void.

Now the word void seems sort of scary to me. It is used to talk to the ego about something, it’s a finger pointing at something. I don’t think it truly is scary at all. But in order to know the flow we have to know this that we’re calling the void.

So let’s explore it. Let’s see if it is scary or not. Close your eyes if you will.

  • What if you could daily diminish?
  • What if you could just unwrap this thing we call the body? and set it to the side for the moment. Imagine that it unwrapped. We unwrap this body put it to the side and what if underneath that you still were?
  • What would you be like without a body?
  • What would you be like without a profession? What if you could set aside all you that you knew about what you do? Would something still remain?
  • What if you could set aside your personal history? Just put it to the side.


Does something remain?


“There is something left.”

There is something left.

There is perhaps a pulsating I Am. And in that I Am there is a bliss, there is a creation, there is a vibrancy that is certainly not nothing. I offer to you that you cannot give it up. You can’t make it go away, you have no control over it. The I Am is simply created before heaven and earth.

It is you as God creates you in the perfection of your being (but not as you thought you were – not as the ego projected itself as but something so far beyond that), but something that is void seeming to the ego, full seeming to the self.

I open to the possibility of the fullness of the self not void at all. Yet void of ego, void of separation, void of fear, void of judgment, void of what we think, and filled with what we know. From this knowing comes the river that is flow. From this knowing comes all good things. From this knowing comes peace without end, happiness without beginning, without end. Just being.

I open to this experience.

I open to experience the being that God creates me as and therein lays the peace that is flow.

We ask that this healing be integrated, and flow it is.

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