3 Steps to Practice Listening to Your Intuition

To practice developing your intuition, take any question, or situation in front of you and use these simple step as a beginning.

  1. Quiet Your Mind
    Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Release as much tension as you can and look inwardly for a part of your mind that is not invested in an answer…just open to the truth.
  2. Say inwardly, “Let The Truth Be Known. I open to Truth in all cases.”
    Let these words vibrate inside your mind and body encouraging your whole being to come into resonance with this statement. Then, allow an answer or feeling to springs forth from that state of inner awareness.
  3. Listen or feel for the first thing that comes.
    Does it come with a feeling of rightness? Did it just bubble up into the mind effortlessly? If so, this is likely your intuition.

The more you practice listening to your intuition, the more you will develop the skill, and the more effortless it will become. This skill is central to the ability of transforming consciousness by healing the subconscious.

Intuition as a part of my work
I have been practicing intuitive spiritual counseling for over 20 years, with a focus on using guided imagery to heal the subconscious mind. I developed this work after teaching meditation for 20 years and realizing that meditation alone does not change subconscious patterns, and by itself is not enough for transformation.

I like to say that it is a way to change your mental software and therefore your printout, which is your life experience. In releasing the defective mental software the Innate and perfect knowing of the Whole Mind, of your inherent wisdom, can be revealed. This wisdom will change your life for the better.

The work, which I call “clearing” has has profound results: liberate the power of your True Mind and you will no longer stand in your own way. Liberate the power of Mind and nothing will stand in the way.

“Dr. Rick is truly incredible! His intuitive approach is amazing, and you know he’s totally present when he works with you. He provided me with specific and powerful techniques for clearing, healing and self-growth. Whew! What an empowering experience and a profound impact on my life! Thank you!!” – Kim, California

We All Have Intuition
I believe that we all have this intuitive ability inside us. Though it takes practice to truly develop and be able to trust your intuition. The first step is just to listen.

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