What to do when we’re feeling not enough…

Who Is It That Feels Not Enough?

To understand why we think and feel we are not enough, and what to do about it, let’s  first understand the parts of our self and mind we’re talking about.

Our ego is our self created identity. It is not who we are as God knows us, which is often called the Self.

The ego will always believe that it is not enough.

It may cover this up with a variety of beliefs, but in the end it is correct. Our ego is not enough. Our authentic solution is not to try and believe something that is not true, but, rather to live from that part of ourselves that is not concerned with enough or not enough.

When we are Self-aware, Being is everything.

What to do when we’re feeling not enough…

There are two major versions of this perception of insufficiency:

  1. I’m not enough (to get people to love me -for this is really what our subconscious is thinking)

  2. When I’m not myself I feel insufficient.

Clearing the Belief that “I am Not Enough”

To begin to free ourselves from the first misperception, imagine that you, the best-of-you, are looking at a child version of yourself.

Could you find, within the best-of-you, a feeling of care, compassion and acceptance for that child? Even if the child did something wrong or bad, could you still feel the kindness and care?

This unconditional love that you are feeling is the real thing. It is not based on the doing of the child, but, rather an embrace and a recognition of the Essence of the child. This is Love. This is unconditional.

We may not like what the child is doing but we still love the being doing it. The child doesn’t have to be anything other than itself to be loved to be loved…and, in truth neither do we.

Love, if it is Love, is for our Essence.

Clearing the Belief that “When I am Myself, I am Insufficient”

In the second case, when our awareness is caught up in events of the past, we are not ourselves. We are engrossed in memories which are less evolved states of ourselves.

Try this:

  • Imagine that you, the best-of- you, are watching yourself play at about age 6.
  • Can you find a feeling of care, of compassion for that child?
  • If the child was threatened by something would the best-of-you want to protect the child?
  • As you examine this best-of-you does this part of you feel insufficient?

This part of you is, in fact, the real you. The you that exists in the Now. As we learn to live from this part we begin to uncover an infinite reservoir of gifts and qualities.

This is you as you are Now and forever will be in the Now. The more we identify the real us the stronger we will become and the more the limitations of the past will fall away.

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