What is Your Ego’s Plan for Your Success?

There are always at least two plans for our success and well being happening simultaneously.

There is our ego’s plan and then there is a Divine plan.

For many of us the ego’s plan is so strong and ingrained that we may not even realize that there is another path and that this path is the genuine and essential pathway to Love, Happiness and true Abundance.

Here are some pointed questions that can help you to explore when you are following the ego’s plan and when you are being guided by God’s plan.

When you are in relationship (it could be with a friend or intimate relationship):

  • how much do you need to be in control?
  • how much do you need to be right?
  • how important is it for you to look good?

Our egos will be deeply concerned – perhaps even addicted – to being in control, right and looking good. The result of this will be that we are not authentic, not real or open. This will not lead to love and since we are, in effect hiding in relationship and closed off to the extent that we do these things, we will not let people see inside us and there will be deep blocks to into-me-see (intimacy).

In your work life :

  • How often do you do things because that is how you learned them or how you feel most comfortable, perhaps that is how you think you look the best?
  • Are you hiding behind that role that you play so as not to be challenged?
  • How important is it to you to be in control?

There is a saying:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got.”

When we put our egos aside (and this is not an easy task for many of us) there is another voice that can be heard. But this voice will only be heard when it is invited. The strength of the ego can cover the Divine Voice and for most of us it does most, if not all of the time.

If you choose to explore these questions, you can make an opening for the Divine to enter and play a bigger part in your life. When this happens, new vistas open up, new opportunities arise, and life can make invitations never even dreamed of by our egos.

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  1. These are tough questions. I’m sure I fall for the first Work question – doing things because they’re comfortable sometimes. Like you said, being aware of them creates space for change, sometimes I just wish the change were faster =)

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