The Wisdom of Great Love (Upcoming Book Preview & Discounted Group Sessions)

A remarkable book in the making

Dr. Rick is writing a new book called Wisdom: Deepening Spiritual and Psychological Truths. In this insightful and healing interview with Michelle Garrison of We & Goliath, Dr. Rick gives us a profound insight into the nature of Great Love and offers a very powerful clearing. With the help of eye-catching slides, you will be able to bring these useful insights into your life immediately.

Why “Great Love”?

When we don’t feel connected to Great Love, we fall into a variety of problems from lack of confidence, feeling out of touch with ourselves, feeling unworthy of love, codependency and other relationship issues, and more.

For over 30 years and through 25,000 client sessions, Dr. Rick has a unique gift for identifying and clearing out the subconscious blocks and negative beliefs that hold us back.

Through powerful guided imagery and re-reparenting, he “pops these bubbles” of stored emotion, freeing you to experience the beautify and joy of your true self.

Join a Great Love Clearing Group or choose a package of individual Great Love sessions

These unique and transformative clearing sessions are based around the book. Starting with the Great Love chapter, you will be able to deepen your sense of being safe, loved, loving and worthy.

Here’s how it works:

Group clearing session will be held on the phone and limited to three participants each. This will permit in-depth individual support and healing work and each participant will benefit from the work seemingly directed to one of the other participants. This group setting will allow participants to support and share with each other.

Should the group wish to stay together after the seminar, there will be an opportunity to go on to the work of chapter two: The Wounded Child Within.

While private sessions with Dr. Rick are usually $125-225 on a sliding scale each, the cost of this group clearing program is just $145 for three sessions.

Or if you prefer, for new clients, three 45-50 minute individual sessions focused on Great Love for $295.

There will be the possibility of meeting times during the week. Also, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays at 4:00 EST.

If you are interested, please email

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