The Amazing Power of Subpersonalities

Subpersonalities are groupings of subconscious memories, beliefs, perspectives and emotions. If you let them they will run your life and you won’t even be aware of it.

In your subconscious, which is most of your personal mind, the are subpersonalities like inner children and adapted aspects like a rebelious teenager. We are not just a homogenious personality; we are a community of personalities.

Have you ever noticed that your personality changes under different circumstances? Are you the same person at work, at home, in an argument, when you get cut off in traffic, visiting your parents?

These different stimuli bring out different part of you from your subconscious. Here’s a way to experience this for your self.

Sit in a chair and find within you an emotion like sadness, rejection, shame, dispair, or resentment. Imagine that this feeling is held by a child part of your from the past. Find the body posture of that child and assume that posture. Feel the emotions that are there. This is an inner child. Next, imagine leaving the child in the chair and stand behind the chair as the loving adult that you really are. Imagine putting your hands on the shoulders of the child you left in the chair. Say to the child, “You have every right to feel what you feel and still be cared for and protected. I am here to care for you and love you.”

Do you notice a remarkable shift from the feelings of the child to the feelings of the adult?

We can heal the stored emotions of the inner child. We can give the adapted parts new jobs so that they work with the intentions of our inner adult and not against our best interests.

To begin, I suggest that you complete the Love Pathways at . They are free and will help you to strengthen the adult part of you that can access the greatness of your Inherent Nature.

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