Set of 12 Guided Imagery Clearings


Includes 12 sets of downloadable MP3 clearing programs

Set of 12 Guided Imagery Clearings

A Remarkable Effective Way to Change Your Life. Conscious and subconscious beliefs and past experiences shape our lives. They are like magnets attracting experience, and like filters through which we mistakenly evaluate the world. For profound change and healing to occur; we must let go of the past. Freeing the mind from these distortions, we will experience our innate and God-created, perfect Self. From this all goodness comes.

Success Story: “I found the work we did together to be extremely helpful… you (Dr. Rick Moss, PhD.), have a wonderful gift to offer to the world.”
– quote by Louise Hay Author “You Can Change Your Life”.

Includes all the following MP3s:

  1. Opening to Our Love
  2. Coming into Real Power
  3. Self-Love as the Basis of All Healing: Body/Mind/Spirit
  4. Affluence as a Path
  5. Freedom: Releasing Unrewarding and Addictive Behaviors
  6. Returning to the True Self: Clearing an Inner Path to Peace and Bliss
  7. Oneness, Intimacy and Sexuality
  8. Developing Intuition – The Signal: An Inner Pathway to Innate Intelligence
  9. Self-Expression, Communication and Creativity
  10. Music That Clears Tape
  11. Only Everything Fulfills a Child of God,
  12. Guilt, Shame & Forgiveness

Thank You for your interest in Reading a Sample from Drops of Wisdom.  The sample currently includes the first chapter and the introductory pages that precede it.

This first Chapter is entitled “Great-Love” and explains Great-Love, and the difference between Great-Love and Egoic-love.

As with the other chapters, it also includes practical insight into how Rick has incorporated these principles in his practice, self-inquiry questions, and a multitude of quotes from the greatest Spiritual Thinkers that help to underscore this Drop of Wisdom.

Set of 12 Guided Imagery Clearings
Set of 12 Guided Imagery Clearings
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