Phone Sessions

Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Counseling and Transformative Healing

Speak one on one with Rick Moss, Ph.D. in a gentle and remarkably effective counseling process for clearing retained emotions and limiting beliefs while honoring the soul’s perfection.

“Dr. Moss is truly incredible! His intuitive approach is amazing, and you know he’s totally present when he works with you. He provided me with specific and powerful techniques for clearing, healing and self-growth. Whew! What an empowering experience and a profound impact on my life! Thank you!!” – Kim, California.

To Schedule a phone session, call (831) 277-8242

Sessions are 45-50 minutes
Sliding scale: $125-$275 (you decide what fits your budget)

What is Spiritual Counseling? What can I expect?

Imagine a session, where Rick asks what is going on in your life and uses the simple, gentle and loving techniques of guided imagery and re-parenting to clean out misperceptions, retained emotions, judgments and distortions, freeing you to experience the beauty and joy of your True Self. 

Rick likes to say that it is a way to change your mental software and therefore your printout, which is your life experience. In releasing this defective mental software the Innate and perfect knowing of the Whole mind, of the inherent wisdom, can be revealed. From this ground state of our Being comes all good things. Thousands of people have reported that their lives changed profoundly and quickly after experiencing the work. Dr. Bill Little, Minister of the Pacific Coast Church, compared his work to that of a master laser surgeon because of its intuitive accuracy. With this work you can create the purposeful and passionate life you want by resolving your past issues.

How can Phone Sessions Help Differently than the Free Clearings?

The online free clearings cover universal issues. Personal phone sessions are laser targeted getting to specific issues and their roots in ways the universal clearings can’t do..


“A truly miraculous healer.”

~Dr. Candace Pert, Author of Molecules of Emotion, Featured in “What the Bleep…”,


“I found the work we did to be extremely helpful… You have a wonderful gift to offer the world.”

~Louise Hay, noted author, speaker and teacher


“The most profound healing I have ever had.

The first time I had a session with Rick I asked him to check in and see why I had an issue with breathing. I have been unable to breathe deeply for almost 20 yrs. He said I was carrying my mother’s anxiety. My mother has been gone from this plane for 16 yrs. We did a wonderful clearing and I have been breathing easily and freely since. The most profound healing I have ever had.” ~Marlene V.


“In moments he can access the root cause of any issue…

Rick is an amazing intuitive and facilitator of healing — gentle, safe and to the point. In moments he can access the root cause of any issue and assist you in releasing the accompanying feeling or energy.” 
~Karla Bristow, Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator / Minister


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30 years ago, Rick Moss developed a healing and transformational process called Awakening to Our Greatness (previously Pre-Cognitive Re-Education). He started to develop the work, after teaching meditation for 20 years and discovering that meditation alone does not seem to release subconscious patterns. He is aided in his work by an intuitive ability which helps him read the subconscious and allows him to work both in person and over the phone.