Is Your Subconscious Resisting Your Intuition?

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We are all intuitive. In fact, we all share One Mind. Intuitive simply means that we are able to listen with greater attentiveness to the One Mind rather than to our subconscious.

Subconscious Fears of Being Intuitive

The subconscious harbors so many reasons to resist being intuitively aware. Some of these reasons are:

  1. If I know, then I will be responsible.
  2. I will be overwhelmed with information and emotion.
  3. I won’t be able to distinguish my intuition from my wishful thinking.

And these are just the tip of the resistance iceberg.

Relieving Fears and Misperceptions

But these reasons and fears all belong to the ego. The Higher Self, our true nature, has a totally different perspective. Our Higher Self is part of the One Mind.  Let’s look these issues from the perspective of One Mind.

  1. If I know, then I will be responsible

    One Mind knows without a shadow of fear or doubt that responsibility is based on the ability to respond. Therefore, each individual is responsible for their decisions and actions. If we are unaware of what our responsibility is in any situation, we can turn to God as the source of right action.

  2. I will be overwhelmed with information and emotion

    Only the ego is overwhelmed; the Self is not. As we use our intuition to take us deeper into One Mind, we will receive divine guidance as to how to use our intuition and in what way. When intuition comes, it comes from the Whole Mind which is the source of love, stability and peace, and those Whole Mind qualities are not overwhelming.  To the ego, which is not used to this kind of information, and doesn’t have access to the depth of our Being, it would appear that this would be overwhelming, but in truth, it is not.

  3. I won’t be able to distinguish my intuition from my wishful thinking

    When the mind is neutral (without strong fears or desires), intuition comes with a quiet feeling level, it arises from inside with a certainty and a feeling of rightness. This is different from the active mind’s hopes and desires, or its repetitive tendencies. As you practice listening to your intuition and releasing your subconscious resistances to it, your intuition will blossom like a flower from its seed, becoming more and more apparent with time.

Developing Intuition and Your Inner Oracle

If you would like to practice using your deeper knowing, your intuition, try using the Inner Oracle Cards here on They are an online card reading that give you insight into your life’s issues. They will allow you to practice feeling into the truth beyond the intellect’s level of knowing. And, you can get a much deeper level of insight from them, by combining them with your growing level of intuition.

How to use the Inner Oracle Cards:

When you get your first card it will tell you what issue is up for you at the moment. Close your eyes and ask your deeper knowing, “What do you want me to know about this issue?” Then be quiet and wait for thoughts and feeling to come up. Do not answer the question from your conscious mind. Create a space for the One Mind to fill with truth.

Next, click on the Negative Tendency Card. Again, close your eyes and feel into that negative tendency, inviting old memories and feeling to come from deep within the subconscious.

When you click on the third card you will have three or four affirmations to examine. Let each affirmation resonate deep within and then pick the one that feels the most right on.

Finally when you click on the fourth deck you will get an Unconscious Affirmation. Ask your self why you picked this affirmation and close your eyes and let the One Mind tell you.


The more I open to my Whole, perfect and knowing Mind the more my life reflects the truth that is my nature and the wisdom that is my Self.

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