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“So unbelievably accurate!!!” - Eileen, app user


95% of our decisions are unconscious. Don’t let unconscious limiting beliefs and retained emotions run your life and keep you from what you really want. Free Your Mind and Discover a New You.

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A quick and astonishingly accurate tool for transformation

Find the issue and negative tendency that is limiting your life and growth now. Then discover the conscious and unconscious affirmations that will free your mind from the limitations of the past.

Turn Your Phone Into An On-The-Go Spiritual Adviser

During unsettling times, stuck energy can keep us from what we want… this app helps lift the burden by releasing stored emotions and limiting beliefs.

Intuitive Card Readings

“It’s like it knew me intimately” … “hits the mark every time”

Personal Archive

Saves your recent readings for review

Beautiful Artwork

Featuring dozens of beautiful cards

Share With Friends

Send your card reading to yourself or a friend

Don’t Stay Stuck in the Past. Liberate Your True Self.

Inner Oracle Cards are similar to tarot card readings but have a unique set of 4 decks designed to provide practical insights into your life.

The cards reveal what is blocking your ability to bring your Best Self into the world and fulfill your desires. They are remarkably accurate and precise and can be done in a very short amount of time.

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“Great vehicle for personal growth.”

– app user

Surprisingly insightful! Very smooth interface.”

 – app user

“The cards hit the mark every time identifying the most pressing underlying issue of the moment while also being a huge help in facilitating its transformation.Very smooth interface.”

 -Brooke C. app user

Love it! The readings are accurate, interesting and easy to use. Love that you can keep/send readings to email, blog or social networks.

~Elyssa, app user

“Best app! I am a healer, spiritual teacher. This application is very powerful and on the mark.”

~Berry, app user

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