I Choose Love

I choose LoveI choose Love.

In the face of the devastating events in Boston and around the world, it is easy to let our minds go to blame and hate and desire for revenge and, yet, these judgments and emotions will not heal the wounded minds and hearts that act out their pain.

But Love will.

There is no gulf that love cannot bridge, no wound that Love cannot heal.

We have a choice.

I choose Love.

Please share ways in which you found that you could make the choice for Love.

Photo credit: Jude via Flickr


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  1. There are certainly many opportunities we see on a daily basis that we can judge, but looking for situations that we can stay nonjudgmental allows us to shift focus and project love and this would soon become a pattern in our minds.

  2. Dr. Rick continues to inspire me and undoubtedly you too with his intention for peace and expressions of love. He reminds us of how to live well with ourselves and others!
    Thank you once again!

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