Guided Imagery Scripts: Forgiveness

Limiting Belief –
To withhold forgiveness
makes me feel better about myself

Judgment is deadly to spiritual growth.

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Limiting Belief – To withhold forgiveness makes

Pathway Description:

There is a feeling that comes when we hold another as bad. In comparison to them we are better. It is often a subconscious and seductive feeling. It is, however, deadly to spiritual growth. The part of our mind that judges “better than,” and “good-bad” is the egoic part. It is incapable of unconditional love, joy and God-connection. We cannot both judge and be truly happy.

Clearing Steps:

Start out simply. Imagine or recall a negative movie character, someone you disliked. Can you notice that your dislike of the character involves a comparison with yourself?

Observe the elevation of yourself in the comparison. It may give you a certain feeling of “I’m not so bad,” “I’m okay.” That would be the egoic payoff.

To get to a Whole-mind experience you will need to release judgment and find an essence to essence connection. You do not have to like the personality or the behavior. For the moment, you focus beyond these things. Connect to the perfection of spirit that is the eternal essence of the person – regardless of role they are presently playing in the drama of the world at the moment.

Here are some visualizations that may help you to achieve this:

  • Imagine the essence of the person as the lightbulb and the personality and behavior as the lampshade. Focus on the lightbulb.
  • Or, imagine that the personality and behavior was a dream experience and that the dreamer was not what was seen in the dream.
  • Or, imagine that spiritual evolution requires everyone to move through all experiences (murderer, thief, liar, rapist, etc.) to learn that we don’t want any part of those experiences. You are simply a few classes ahead, but you too have learned through experience.
  • Or, look beyond the egoic veneer of the “bad” person and find the hurt, scared child behind the mask.

If you can break free from judging and find love and compassion, you will probably experience an excitement, a liveliness, an expansion, a happiness for no reason – the feeling that comes with Whole-minded love.

Which would you rather have? Anger and resentment, or peace, love and joy?

If you can do this with a movie character, see if you can do this with someone who has “seemingly” harmed you.

It might help to say, “What if I needed this experience as part of my education. What if I had been a harmer in the past and needed to experience harm in order to be able to say, ‘I never wish to harm or be harmed again.'”

The profound nature of this clearing comes when you can compare the experience of feeling superior or better than someone you judge and find that degree of experience insignificant when compared to a Whole Minded experience of love. In truth, you cannot have both. You will have to choose one over the other.