Guided Imagery Scripts: Relationships

Limiting Belief – My happiness
is separate from your happiness

There really is only One Mind and all Goodness and Happiness reside there. Come into relationship through that door.

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Limiting Belief – My happiness is separate from your happiness

Pathway Description:

At the level of Whole-mind there is Oneness. There is not differing opinion. There are not two or more minds. Whole-mind is One-mind. Happiness is a Whole-mind experience. Pleasure is of the ego-mind. My egoic pleasure can be taken at your expense. My happiness must include your happiness. Bringing this experience into personal relationship improves and transforms relationship.

Clearing Steps:

Clearing Steps: … When we think with our ego-mind we think from the perspective of I and me. We experience ourselves as separate. We feel that we must look out for ourselves and get what we can. We’ll let the other guy look out for him/herself. Explore that part of your mind and feel those feelings.

  • Perhaps, as you feel these feelings, you will also feel feelings of fear, lack, competition, self-concern and numbness regarding others.
  • Use one or more of the following visualizations to exit ego-mind and enter Whole-mind: – Your body starts to glow from within. The awareness of the outer world starts to fade and you focus on the glowing inner light.- You envision the part or aspect of yourself that is self-involved, even selfish and uncaring about others. This part is needy and determined to get what it wants. Imagine that you are in a circle with this uncaring aspect of you. The circle represents the energy/emotional field of influence of this aspect. Walk to the edge of the circle. Imagine a wall there with a zipper in it. Unzip the zipper and step out. Can you feel a separation from the energy and feeling in the circle?- Imagine a stairway that goes up into the sky. Imagine that with every step you raise your vibratory frequency. Imagine that you become less dense and more light-filled as you ascend. Keep ascending until you feel free, light and open. It is as if your frequency was raised to a higher vibratory dimension.
  • As you approach the Whole-minded experience you will start to feel more free and light; less needful of something in the world. When you are Whole-minded you will feel Love extending from you to everything. You will be extending rather than needing or taking.
  • If you are in a Whole-mind experience you will notice that you feel complete. Ask yourself if you need anything else in this moment to make yourself happy? (If you still do need something try one of the visualizations above or click on Separation Visualizations.)

If you feel Whole-minded ask yourself if eating would make you happier at this moment? Would having sex or experiencing pleasure make you happier? Would more money make you happier? The more Whole-minded you are the more inwardly fulfilled you will feel.

Conscious connection with Whole-mind, with God, is True Happiness.

If you don’t need your partner to make you happy then you are free just to Love. You will not have to control, guard, please, or manipulate. When you feel the need to do these things you are incapable of Loving because you are in the ego-mind, and the ego-mind cannot Love.

The more Love you have to give the more attractive you become. Who would you be more attracted to, a person who was needy, controlling, and jealous or someone who was Loving, giving, happy and caring?