Guided Imagery Scripts: God

Limiting Belief – It’s God’s fault

Powerlessness comes from perceiving ourselves as a victim.

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Limiting Belief – It’s God’s fault

Pathway Description:

As long as we believe that our source and cause of lack exists outside of ourselves, we are doomed to being a victim. As long as we perceive ourselves as a victim, we are powerless. Being powerless we will be trapped and unhappy. Additionally, the part of our mind, the ego, that is unhappy and powerless and victimized will always experience itself as separated from God.

As we experience the Wholeness of our mind, fault is an impossible experience.

Clearing Steps:

Imagine that you are standing in a vat of dark, murky liquid and that this liquid is the energy of blame. Push a button, or pull a plug, and let this liquid of blame drain out to be transmuted to light. Imagine that all the liquid was gone and you were standing in white light.

What if this world were like a virtual reality room where everything you experienced was an out-picturing of your mind. What if all experience was for the purpose of helping you learn to choose God’s world of love, peace, joy and oneness over the ego’s world of duality, conflict, pain and separation.

Imagine that you could get up out of the ego’s movie theater and step into the light of God’s world which is your true home. What would that feel like? There is a place in your mind where this is the constant reality. The less we blame God the easier it is for the mind to go there.

I open to the possibility that anything less than perfect happiness is my own creation. I release that choice now. I ask for an experience of God’s creation.

If, after a minute or two, there is no increase of light, peace, inner joy, etc., then allow your awareness to settle down like a pebble gently sinking to the bottom of a pond and see if this helps to move beyond the ego mind.

In the light, in the peace, in the wholeness, can your mind even blame at all? We ask that this healing be integrated; and so it is.