Guided Imagery Scripts: Love

Limiting Belief – It Hurts to Love

There are two kinds of love and only one kind will ever lead to real happiness.

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Limiting Belief – It hurts to love

Pathway Description:

There are two kinds of love: egoic love and Whole-Minded or God Love. Egoic love is based in perceived value. The more beautiful/ handsome, talented, wealthy, exciting, sexy or special our ego perceives someone as being, the more they seem to fill a hole inside of us, the more we love them. Whole-Minded Love is the result of a different functioning of the mind. There is a feeling that seems to flow through the mind of pure caring, warmth and oneness that is not based on anything that changes; not bodies, not performance, not perceived value. Whole-Minded Love will be seen to be safe because it is not dependent on anything that can change.

Clearing Steps:

  • Imagine yourself as a little child, perhaps between the ages of 4 to 7.
  • Imagine that this child feels unloved and uncared for. Even if you had the best of childhoods, there will undoubtedly be moments you felt hurt and uncared for.
  • Separate yourself from this child so that you could see or feel the child but not be the child.
  • While there is a stream of feeling that says I’d rather this child be attractive than unattractive, successful rather than unsuccessful, graceful rather than clumsy, etc., there is also a stream of feeling that says I could care for this child equally whether it was: (check this out with your feelings)
    • Good in spelling or not good.
    • Had friends or didn’t.
    • Rich or poor.
    • Attractive or unattractive.
    • Was nice to you or not nice.

This energy is not based on comparison, judgment or expectation. It is unconditional. I propose to you that it is the healing energy, God energy. Further, I propose to you that since Whole Mind is the One Mind we all share with our Creator, this is how God loves. Now, if you can find this feeling within you, test out the following:

  • Does it feel good to feel this Whole-Minded Love?
  • Do you need anything back from the child that you are giving to in order to feel good?
  • If you started to judge or demand something from the child, would it lessen or end the good feeling?
  • If you don’t need anything from the child in order to feel good, aren’t you safe in loving the child?
  • Does this love you feel have an end of is it just “Is.”
  • Could you harm the child at the same moment you feel this Whole-Minded Love?
  • Is it your feeling that the Whole-Minded Love is different from what you called love before?
  • Imagine extending this Whole-Minded Love to the hurt child who felt unloved.
  • If the child is too angry or scared to receive your kindness and care, take the child to what we’ll call the Virtual Reality Room where the child can vent its anger in whatever scenario it imagines until the child has spent those feelings. After a while you can “run-the-movie” of the child discharging its emotion fast-forward. You could imagine weeks or years of discharge going by. Eventually, the child will get tired and spent and collapse on the floor and be ready to be hugged.
  • Imagine days and weeks and years go by. Imagine what the child would be like as it took this love in.
  • Imagine the child grows up to adulthood having received this love.
  • What kind of person is the child? If your description is all positive then this is a description of this aspect of the wholeness of your mind without its stuff, its distortions. If your description contains negatives or uncertainties, go back to the Separation Visualizations and do the process again. Summary:Unconditional love is a powerful tool for building self-esteem and self-worth and reducing limiting feelings of insecurity, rejection, anger, despair or stress. Notice how the mind thinks differently when it has taken in this stream of unconditional love for all these years. What does this person believe about unconditional love now? If you are visual, use a visual example. (example: twirling with joy.) If you are auditory, how does this caring sound? If you are kinesthetic (touchy-feely), how does this caring feel? Put your feeling into words. This is a very important step. This is the heart space from which you create a new affirmation about love. This will transform and re-pattern the subconscious energy in a way it can accept. If you are willing write down your new affirmation. So check it out for yourself. Does this person, in the NOW, believe it hurts to love? Like popping the bubbles in bubble wrap you have cleared this pocket of restricting emotion – this limiting belief and replaced it with a more fulfilling and positive belief experientially. Established for almost 20 years by Dr. Moss Ph.D., this powerful & profound process may be purchased in any of the sixteen cassette series. Scroll down for the link. If you prefer reading scripts online or seek training in Pre-Cognitive Re-Education see the Products page as well.