Guided Imagery Scripts: Relationships

Limiting Belief – If I open up and reveal myself I will be hurt

There is a new way to enter into relationships that can change everything.

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Limiting Belief – I’m afraid to be truly sexual

Pathway Description:

To be judged, to be rejected, to be the recipient of unkindness hurts. However, this hurt is experienced at the ego level of the mind. There is a function of your mind that is distinct and different from how the ego-mind responds. This Whole-minded response is not only available to the saints and masters. It is available to you right now. The following offers a way to experience what we could call Whole-minded, loving detachment. This ability will be of great value in opening the door to profound relationship.

Clearing Steps:

    • Imagine a Love so total, so complete, so trustworthy, so unending, and so compassionate that you feel your Self melt into it.
    • Imagine a Peace so complete, so full, so delicious, so profound, so all-consuming that your mind can’t imagine going anywhere else.
    • Now imagine that someone offers you a peanut. Is it of any importance to you? Would you care if you got it or not? Examine the experience of the possibility of a fullness that looks on an event (like the peanut) as having no impact.
    • Let’s continue by imagining that someone didn’t like your shirt. Would you care? What if they didn’t like you? If you start to become concerned you are falling back into ego-mind. Notice what this shift feels like. If you stay in the feeling of Peace and Wholeness, notice the lack of impact of an egoic event on Whole-mind. The more you connect with Whole-mind the more fulfilled from within you will be. The more inner fulfillment you experience, the less you are attached to the outer world for your happiness. The less attached you are the less you can be hurt. But, this is a loving detachment if it is of Whole-mind because you exist in a state of fulfillment.
    • To be detached at the ego-mind level is a deadened state, a state of “I don’t care.” There is no feeling of internal happiness without an external reason. This state only leads to dullness, addiction, withdrawal and depression.
    • When we connect with another person from the Loving detachment of Whole-mind we are at Peace with who we know ourselves to be. We do not need anything from the other person to be happy. We enter a relationship with the desire and ability to give.
    • Think back on your experience with the Love Pathways. When you felt unconditional Love you probably noticed that it was joyful just to extend the Love, that it just seemed to flow through you. This is both an experience of giving and of receiving at the same moment. This is an experience which demonstrates that giving and receiving from Whole-mind are actually one and the same.
    • When we don’t need something back from the other we are truly free to love them. Because if we perceive someone as the source of our happiness we will start to try and control them, We’ll want to try and control who they see, what they do, how much they give to us, how much they give to others. This fear and control will kill Love.
    • In truth, with the exception of God, you cannot Love anyone you need.
    • There is a beautiful description of Whole-minded, Loving detachment from the Bhagavad Gita: “Content with getting what arrives of itself, passed beyond pairs, free from envy not attached to success or failure, even acting, he is not bound. He is to be recognized as eternally free who neither loathes nor craves: for he that is freed from the pairs, is easily freed from conflict.”
    • Open to the experience of Love. Bring the experience to your mind. Can you imagine a relationship where both partners commit themselves to a relationship based on the giving of Love rather than demand and judgment? Would you feel safe in such a relationship?
    • We can start wherever we find ourselves. We don’t need to wait for our partners to start Loving from wholeness. The more we extend Love the happier we will be. The more we extend Love the more the world, which is reflective, will start to show us a loving world and loving relationships.