Guided Imagery Scripts: Receivership

Limiting Belief – I am bad

We are and have always been Goodness, even if we have acted badly.


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Limiting Belief – I am bad

Pathway Description:

People or events in our past have demonstrated to us that we have acted badly. Perhaps we were told that we were a bad boy or girl. Consciously or subconsciously we have accepted this about ourselves. We have also equated bad actions (selfish, unthinking, cruel, inept, etc.) with the perception of our Self as being bad. We have identified ourselves with badness rather than experience our True Self as it is in its innate perfection. By recognizing our inherent Goodness we will be open to the reception of Goodness in all its forms. This is not accomplished intellectually, although that is a start. We must have the experience of the Goodness of the Self. The following process will offer such an experience.

Clearing Steps:

  • Imagine yourself as a child between the ages of 5-9.
  • Imagine that this child has done something wrong or bad.
  • Imagine this child being punished. (If you can’t remember an incident, make one up.)
  • Imagine this child equating doing bad with being bad. Let yourself really feel how a child would feel at the thought of being bad and having love withdrawn or not given. (This is not a fun step but it is very important. Take your time and try not to shield yourself.)
  • Separate yourself from the child so that you can see the child but not be the child. Separate yourself from the child’s emotions. (Click on Separation Visualizations if you are having trouble.)
  • Find the feeling of unconditional Love or pure caring for the child.
  • Now, that you are separate from the ego function of the mind, can you experience the Truth?
  • Is this child bad? Is this child unlovable?
  • The child, being a separate, individuated pocket of the past, does not know what you know in the wholeness of your mind. Go to the child and tell the child that it is lovable and that it is not bad.
  • Embrace the child if it will allow you to do so. Perhaps it wants to be held in your arms and just cry at the relief of being loved and not judged. (If the child refuses and is too angry or upset to receive the embrace, take the child to what we call the Virtual Reality Room. Here they can express the anger they feel for as long as they want and in whatever form they choose without hurting themselves or anyone else. Imagine the child giving a visual expression to their anger. They can scream, hit, throw things, whatever. If the child seems to be at this for a long time you can imagine that they have been at it for weeks or months until they feel spent and sit down. Then go and sit next to them and they will probably accept the hug.
  • Spend a day of mental time with the child just doing whatever it wants.
  • Then imagine a week goes by and that the child is receiving your full attention, protection and Love.
  • Now a year goes by, now five years, now ten and the child continues to receive the Love that you are sending.
  • Imagine that the child has become an adult, having been Loved and not judged by you all that time.
  • What kind of person has the child become? Are they open to receive and give? This person is you in the wholeness of your mind without the blockage of the limiting belief that you are bad.