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Limiting Belief – I am afraid to love what I do

In real Love loss is impossible. Greatness comes from this real Love.

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Limiting Belief – I am afraid to love what I do

Pathway Description:

The experience of loss has created “pockets” that are afraid to love because they associate love with loss. This pathway leads to an experience of whole-minded love on which loss is impossible. It asks us to differentiate between egoic love or whole-minded love which is an external experience.

Clearing Steps:

I open to release my historic association between love and loss. Looking through the eyes of ego I have had experience of finding great pleasure in people, places or things. I have associated pleasure with love. Pleasure can be said to be something we derive from contact with the world – a beautiful or handsome person, a great meal, a wonderful experience. The pleasure is derived based on the amount of value we place on the source of the pleasure. Once we decide that the source is no longer of value to us, the pleasure is gone. So pleasure is based on valuing.

The joy that comes from Whole-minded love is not based on anything outside of ourselves. It is totally derived from the connection we make with our Source or God.

Imagine something that gives you pleasure. Imagine time going by. One, two, three years. Does the pleasure start to fade? Do you start desiring something new? Imagine the source of your pleasure getting older and less attractive. Do you find the pleasure fading?

Now imagine something you love with your whole-minded self. An inner child, outer child, an animal. Observe the feelings you have for the object of your love. Is it a positive feeling? Do you find yourself happier than before you focused on the object of your love? This feeling is coming from your connection. The love that you are now feeling – will it end if that which you love changes? Does the love have any end at all? If not, you have experience that whole-minded love that is eternal. Is there any fear that is associated with this kind of love? If that which you love lost its body, could you still love its spirit? Would your love go on and therefore the joy that comes from the connection to the source of the love? If that which you loved changed or went away and you were still connected could you still be happy? If so, then your happiness or joy is not dependent on that which you focus on outside of yourself, but rather on the connection with the source itself. This connection is eternal and so is love.