Guided Imagery Scripts: God

Limiting Belief –
God is like my father

The childmind will believe that
our father is godlike and that God is like our father.

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Limiting Belief – God is like my father

Pathway Description:

The child mind will confuse its physical creator with the Creator. The manner in which you were treated by your father (and mother) will be recorded in your subconscious and projected onto your idea of God. We must release our egoic ideas of God to know the real thing.

Clearing Steps:

  • I open to release the misperception that God is like my father. It’s time to let this misperception go.
  • Imagine a little child between 3 to 5 years of age. Imagine this child to be you.
  • Imagine observing this child but not being in its body.
  • Can you find a feeling of compassion, unconditional love or caring for the child?
  • Let the child know that you have been sent to care for him/her and love him/her.
  • Spend a day, a week, a month, a year of mental time imagining the expression of this love. After about 10 years of mental time, do you notice that the child focuses more on you than “the person who played the role of its father?”
  • Tell the child that its father’s job was to activate its life issues. That was his real job. Your job is to give it the unconditional love it needs to feel happy and whole.
  • Then have the child objectively look at the person who played the role of father and see if he could have loved you any more, given where he was in his evolution. Was this person an enlightened, perfected being? He did his job perfectly… he activated the internal issues that needed to be activated for you to grow and heal.

I consciously choose to release the belief that God acts like my father. The person who played the role of my father is simply a holy sibling on the path of learning. He is not the Creator.

The most powerful path to forgiveness can be to choose to believe that you chose this person and that what has happened between you (however painful and unpleasant) was an agreed upon learning experience. The pain can end if you choose to see it as purposeful and necessary. In most cases the learning (karma) is complete once you can let the forgiveness enter in. Then you can move on. So let the forgiveness in now. And give thanks that God is so much more than your physical parent and that God is total goodness. We ask that this healing be integrated and so it is.