Limiting Belief – Abundance is
more than I deserve

You can open up and receive an abundance
that is being given to you always.



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Pathway Description:

Any loving parent wants his or her child to have all that it needs for its growth and well-being. God is our real loving parent. We can choose to be in gratitude and receptivity. The more open we are the more our needs will be fulfilled.

Clearing Steps:

  • There is an important spiritual principle: As above, so below, as within, so without. As the Kabbalah puts it, “The world below is a mirror of that which is above.” A Course in Miracles points to this truth by saying “No thought within His mind is absent from your own.” Yet, this is only true when we function from the wholeness of our mind. In the ego-mind we do not share the thoughts of God. So when we Love from Whole-mind we Love with the heart of God, we Love as God loves.
  • Imagine an inner or an outer child that you can feel Love for.
  • Can you feel that your Love is unconditional — that it’s a joy to give and that you want nothing back for giving this Love?
  • Can you feel that you want this child to have what it needs?

If you Love with unconditionality, it is a joy for you to give this Love, how could the Creator of Love, Love any less than you?

While it may not serve you to have more than you can make use of, Love wants you to have what you need. You can validate this with your own experience. You can find an internal feeling of certainty. This certainty is a powerful magnet to attract goodness to yourself.

But, how do we get over the hurts and disappointments, the experiences of lack in the past?

One way is to choose to look at our past as if it was our creation, either consciously or subconsciously. We can choose to see the past from the perspective that it served to bring us to this moment in our healing and growth when we honestly want to choose something different. We are now innocently and Whole-mindedly wanting to accept what a loving parent wants us to have. We choose to believe that suffering and lack in the past has had a purpose and that purpose is fulfilled. We can choose to forgive all the players from the past who have helped us come to this moment of choosing anew. This forgiveness releases us from the past and opens new doors in the present.

Our innate nature is abundant past all conception. It stands in the experience of complete joy and satisfaction. It lacks for nothing. As we open more and more to our inner nature, the outer world begins to reflect what is an eternal truth: We are abundance itself.

We recognize our gratitude for who we are. In this gratitude the door is opened and Love floods in…abundantly.