Releasing Retained Emotions

By John Eric (Rick) Moss, Ph.D.

Retained emotions block our awareness. If old emotions like anger, resentment, fear, shame and grief are not fully felt they get pushed into the subconscious. Suppressed in the subconscious they block our ability to experience our Essence. They restrict our awareness of the joy and peace and creativity that is our Nature.

Imagine, if you will, that you are standing above a tub or vat on a platform with a grating. And imagine that through your feet you are able to release a retained emotion that you have been carrying, regardless of how long you have been carrying it. Let it flow out of you like a dark liquid. Pick an emotion that is strongest for you at this moment.
Imagine or sense, if you are not good with visualization, that this liquid of emotion has drained down to your waist level, now your knees and finally out your feet.
Now, climb down off the platform and imagine that you are walking on a path of pebbles. The path starts with black pebbles and gets lighter and lighter as you walk to stand in full sunshine, in the Light.
With every step you take imagine that the pebbles are pulling out the emotion you are releasing… effortlessly. Your only job is to walk to the Light. And, with every step you are getting lighter, freer.
Imagine that you are stepping into the Light. If there is any of the retained emotion left, use a visualization to release the emotion, as if the emotion was smoke pouring out or crows flying out and turning into light. This will tell your subconscious exactly what you want it to do.
As you stand in the Light do you feel more like your True Self without the retained emotion? If so then you don’t need the emotion that you left behind to be your Self. Return towards the vat and know that the Light is coming with you. As you cross the pebbles, imagine that they all turn to white and as you go to touch the vat imagine that it disappears. For it was just a shadow. And we know what shadows do when the Light comes.
So now you are standing in the Light. And you have reminded yourself that you are who you are in the Light, not who you thought you were when you were constricted by the retained emotions of the past.

We ask that this healing be integrated. And so it is.



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