True Self-Worth

True Self-WorthSo let’s see if we can get an experience of what part of self-worth really matters.

There are two parts to self worth

There is the (small “s”) self-worth which is the egoic self worth that has to do with:

  • our bodies,
  • our jobs,
  • our bank accounts,
  • our relationships,
  • what people think about us.

And then there is the (capital “S”) Self-worth.

  • The capital “S” Self-Worth has to do with the Divine that is within us.

“Self-worth has to do with the Divine that is within us.”

And let’s go through this experience for a moment and take a look and see if we can move beyond the egoic part of the mind which of course values the egoic part of self-worth and look from a different perspective.

So if you will – close your eyes.

For the purpose of this experience we are going to imagine that God has a body and sits on a throne; and use that classic image as a way to focus our mind.

Imagine that you are through with this lifetime and you go to what is classically thought as heaven and you stand before that throne of God. And as you imagine this you slip the bonds of the egoic part of your mind and you enter the wholeness of your mind and you think, not with your ego but with God’s mind.

  • “Now as you stand before God, do you think God really cares about what your body was like in your earth experience? Is that of real importance to God?
  • “Do you think God cared about how much money you made?
  • “Do you think God cared about how much many awards you won, how successful you were on the earth?
  • Or do you think God cares about your capacity to love, your individual expresssion of the divine qualities within you?
  • Your ability to enter into relationship with all of creation?

These are the qualities of our true self-worth. The little things that we accomplish, on this place called earth, compare not at all to the infinite ocean of divine qualities that is our divine self. The realization and the manifestation of these qualities is what Self-worth is.

“The manifestation of these qualities is what Self-worth is.”

And we ask that this healing be integrated and so be it.

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