Sweeping Out the Heart

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Introduction by Dr. Bill Little, Ph.D.

Dr. Rick is going to be leading us in a clearing now, and this clearing will have to do with the removal of our fears about love. Now that may sound silly to you, how could anyone fear love? Now that’s a mysterious question, but we do.

And Dr. Rick is here. As always this wonderful spiritual surgeon is going to help us in this operation of “removingness”.

Spiritual Integration by Dr. Moss, PhD.

We cannot increase our love, it’s already maximal. But we can increase our experience of the love that is within us.

That’s our job on the planet. Sweeping the chambers of the heart. Removing the blocks to love.

“That’s our job on the planet: sweeping the chambers of the heart & removing the blocks to love.”

The Clearing

So close your eyes if you will.

There are blocks within us that obscure our experience of this maximal love that exists at our core. This love that is the result of our being state. It will never be lost but it can be obscured.

What are some of these blocks:

  • hurts,
  • grievances,
  • judgements,
  • fears.
  • We are going to sweep the chamber of our heart today. We’re going to start in our large group and continue if you choose in our small group after this service. And we’re going to sweep with the broom of awareness. Because God is awareness. Awareness is divine.

    “By simply bringing our awareness to the blocks they will melt.”

  • By simply bringing our awareness to the blocks, they will melt. And amazingly, they will melt quickly. Bring your awareness now within yourself, to a hurt, a grievance, or a fear. Let it arise in your mind and be present with it. Just feel it, giving it total permission to be experienced without trying to change it, without trying to justify it, without making it go away. Just be present with it. As you’re present with this hurt, with this feeling, an amazing thing starts to occur.
  • You start to become lighter. Something starts to bubble up. It is a lightness, a happiness for no reason. Bliss is unreasonable happiness. And where there was this heaviness & this block, this shame, this hurt; suddenly there is effervescence, a bubbling up of being, a tickling of the heart.
  • As that blockage is diminished and evaporated; the love is more present that is our nature. The chamber has been partially swept. And we have reclaimed a divine inheritance that will never be lost, simply obscured.

    “We have reclaimed a divine inheritance that will never be lost, simply obscured.”

  • Awareness sweeps the chamber of my heart now, and there is a lightness and a bliss that is who I am.

    “There is a lightness and a bliss that is who I am.”

“Integrate the Healing: “

And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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