Eliminating the Voices in Our Body and Mind That Block Creativity

Let’s look within ourselves and see where it is that we are blocking our own creativity and self expression. For as Ernest Holmes says:

“It is only as we live creatively that we will live happily”

The Clearing

So close your eyes and look for that voice that says:

  • “I can’t do that”
  • “I’m not enough”,
  • “I’m bad”,
  • “I failed before, look what happened when I made those mud pies”.

You may find this voice as a inner child. You may find this voice as an aspect of yourself (adult looking). In any case, give that voice permission to express itself to you at this moment. Tell it – it has the right to communicate everything that it feels without being judged. Create a space of acceptance and love now, separating yourself from that voice so that you could see it but not be it. This is where we start to represent that wisdom to ourselves.

Can you feel love for that child that says:

  • “I can’t”,
  • “I’m not good enough?”

Can you feel love for that child who is scared, or has been hurt?

Can you give it permission to have its feelings and not be judged?

It is only then can you allow that wisdom to touch that fear in a way that will change thinking.

Only through non-judgement will wisdom be able to touch that fear in a way that will change thinking.

  • Go to that child as that love, that wisdom and spend a day with that child, that aspect, loving it, not judging, not trying to change it, but just loving. Because in that love we know there is God’s wisdom. There is God’s power. Nothing, no shadow, can ever stand up to that light. Imagine spending a week with that child just loving that child or that aspect. And a month.
  • Giving that child permission to create in any way that that child wants without any judgement, just love.
  • What the child will start to feel or the aspect will start to notice is that they are not being loved more for what they create, and they are not being loved less.The realization that doing has nothing to do with love will give the child permission to start expressing without trying to win love for it. For it is in the attempt to win love that we co-opt and distort the creative impulse, we sell out for love.But here this child is realizing that they are not going to get more love for it – so they might as well just let it flow. A year, two years, three years go by as the child expresses without winning love, because love is maximally given. Ten years go by. What is ten years like for that child or aspect? What I think you will notice is that there is a freedom, a fluidity, a space, and life force, and a vibrancy that is inherent to creativity itself, that is God within expressing itself. No longer being sold for love, but being given because it is our divine nature to express.See the child grow up all the way to adulthood with that ability to express because that is what expression does. What I think you will find in that aspect of yourself now is pure creativity and happiness awakened. We have represented that infinite wisdom as love and acceptance and something in us has changed, and something in us has awakened and transformed. And that is the healing transformative process, it is the awakening to our god-nature.

“Pure creativity and happiness awakened.”

Integrate the Healing:

And we ask that this healing be integrated, and so it is.

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