Spirit and Wealth

Spirit & Wealth

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Introduction by Dr. Bill Little, Ph.D.

Dr. Rick Moss now is going to conclude our ideas here with a clearing. He’s back from Ireland, he converted all the Catholics.

Spiritual Integration by Dr. Rick Moss PhD.

Giving Love

It’s wonderful to be back. I did have a chance to work with some people who had never been to any spiritual meeting other than Sunday school though, that was a challenge. The work went great. I was invited again to come back next year, and also to go to Belgium to teach next year so I’ll do both. So I’m having a chance to bring this teaching to other places and that’s really fun.

So here we go with this particular clearing.


To start and set the stage for this we have to understand that there are two sets of laws operative.

“Understand that there are two sets of laws.”

There are the laws of duality, and then there are the laws of wholeness. The laws of duality say that if I take ten bucks out of my wallet and give it to you, I will have ten dollars less in my account. That is one set of laws.

“There are the laws of duality, then there all the laws of wholeness.”

But there is a completely different set of laws, and these are the ones that bring us to God, and bring us to true abundance and wholeness. These set of laws are experienced when we look at the God energy of love and what happens when we give that, are we diminished? Let’s specifically look at that feeling to understand the spiritual basis of wealth which follows the laws of wholeness.

So close your eyes, take a breath.

  • Just examine how you feel at this moment, looking inside, just taking your own measure emotionally.
  • Now imagine:
    • An animal that you love,
    • Or a person that you love,
    • Yourself,
    • An inner child, an aspect of yourself.

    Focus on that for a moment and allow that feeling of gratefulness that this being exists to fill you.

  • Think how you are increased by their presence in the world. Find your gratitude that they exist. And shine that gratitude on them in the form of care, attention & kindness; which is love
  • What I think you will notice is (as you take your own inventory again), that as you experience the extension of love, as you feel love move through you, you haven’t lost anything. You are increased by giving. It’s the absolute opposite of the laws of duality, the laws of ego which says you’re diminished by giving.You are increased in giving at this level.

    “You are increased by giving at this level.”

    • Now as we enter into service and give this love to others we again are not diminished, we are increased. Being able to be of service fills us with a joy, a wellness, a vitality and a strength that we would not know. As we give of ourselves we are increased. This is the law of wholeness.
    • If we give under the laws of ego we are diminished; if we give with resentment, if we give with fear, we will be diminished because we will increase that which we give: fear and lack.
  • Fill this room. Let your love fill this whole town of Pacific Grove, let your love fill all the U.S., let it fill the world, let it fill the universe.
  • How can we do this? Because our nature is at one with everything, and in this exercise all we do is reveal what already exists; that we are not limited to a body, we are wholeness itself.

Therefore all and everything is contained within us. And that includes total wealth, abundance, joy, love & vitality. By operating under the laws of wholeness we increase ourselves and all that is ours.

“By operating under the laws of wholeness we increase ourselves and all that is ours.”

Bringing our awareness back now to the room as we sit here while at the same time realizing that we are connected to everything; and service to everything is truly service to ourselves.

“Service to everything is truly service to ourselves.”


And we ask that this healing be integrated. And so it is.

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