Inner Heroes

Inner Heroes

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Spiritual Integration

Dr. Rick is going to come up and introduce us to our internal hero, because he claims we have a hero inside.

Good morning:

  • It’s wonderful to be back,
  • I had a chance to work with 140 dowsers in Sedona, Arizona for an afternoon, which was great fun.

Not only do we have sub-personalities; we’ve worked with one in the form of what we call an inner child, but we have super-conscious personalities. The subconscious personalities are an individuation, an expression of a distorted part of our sub-consciousness. The super-conscious personality is an expression, an individuation of the divine nature of our being.

Let’s begin

So let us find this divine nature. Let us find this inner hero.

“Let us find this divine nature, let us find this inner hero.”

Closing your eyes if you would.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing under a waterfall of light pink light. And let that light-pink light enter your head, and let it heal, release and relax.

Let it flow through your neck and throat, shoulders, arms, hands. Your chest and heart center, digestive area, power center around the navel, through the hips and legs. And into that stream of light let any tension, any fear, any judgement, any agitation, flow out.

I’d like you to imagine a beautiful place in nature. Maybe by a stream, an ideal place. Maybe you’ve come over the mountains to get there. You walk down the hill and you see this exquisite glade, this beautiful place.

  • And standing there is this place is this illuminated being. And you look at this illuminated being, and you can absolutely see that he or she is totally present.
  • And when they turn to see you, you know that they see you totally. They see the personality level, and they see the divinity. And as you look at them you see this strength, this purpose, this clarity, this wisdom.
  • This being offers you a seat next to them. And you sit without saying a word. You know this being. You feel a strength in them that is so purposeful it is laser like; nothing could distract them from their purpose. You feel the love that is all encompassing, and the wisdom without bounds.
  • And at this moment you recognize that this person is you at the end of time, awakened.

    “You recognize that this person is you at the end of time awakened.”

    And when you realize this time is over. And you sit in the awareness of this being that is your true self, that is love incarnate, wisdom incarnate. And you are reminded of what you truly are.

  • There is nothing that you cannot face. There is nothing that is an obstacle to you. There is strength beyond strength for there is no weakness. Health beyond health because their is no sickness.
  • This is the hero. This is the mind without obstacle, and without opposite

    “This is the mind without obstacle, and without opposite”

We see reflections outside of us in the great people of this part that is ourself. They are externalizations of us.

I open now to honor the perfection of the being that God has made as me. And I realize that this is eternal, empowered, and love.

Acknowledging myself I am at peace.

And we ask that this healing be integrated and so it is.

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