Body Type Acceptance
Guided Imagery to Heal
Negative Body Type Image

Body Type Acceptance.

“Body Type Acceptance.”

Guided Imagery with Dr. Rick – Clearing Negative Body Type Image.

There is a beautiful part in A Course of Miracles that says:

“What fear would gaze upon, love overlooks.”

Let’s do this process. Let’s use that teaching to overlook our own self-judgment, our own fears, and in the overlooking find ourselves in our hearts. So if you will close your eyes.

Let’s start by overlooking the judgment that we hold on our physical vehicle: our bodies.”

  • Let’s start by letting that judgment go, by overlooking it. One way to do that is to hold the thought: “what if you have the perfect body for this moment – the body that will allow you your journey to awakening in the most effective and succinct manner.” If that were true, it would be easier to overlook what we think are our imperfections, to not gaze with fear. But to overlook with love.
  • And what if we were to overlook the challenges that we all have in relationship, and the limited thought that we hold about ourselves because of those challenges. Those challenges in relationship – instead of looking through the eyes of fear, let us over look the challenges and look to the motivation that love sees, the desire to make one, the desire to embrace, the desire to serve. Look with the eyes of love!

Directing our attention to wisdom:

Let’s “over look” our wisdom, (a pun)

  • Overlook the ignorance that holds us from that wisdom, overlooking our ignorance look with the eyes of love at the wisdom, at the truth that exists within you when you let God speak. When you don’t cover over the truth of what the ego has learned in the past.
  • When you make space for light to shine though your mind. You are that wisdom. It is your divine inheritance. You have to do nothing to be wise, but simply make a space.
  • Let’s overlook our failures in the area of finances and money. Look beyond those challenges to the abundance that exists in your very soul. Feel the flow of that abundance that God has put there. Focus not on the past. Focus on the abundance, overflowing in abundance, wisdom and truth and love and devotion and service we find ourselves, low and behold, petals opening in our heart. And all we did was overlook.

What fear would gaze upon, love overlooks. In overlooking we find that love that is our essence. It is within us.

“We find the love that is our essence.”

And we ask that this healing be integrated and so it is.

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